Policies - Sustainable Australia Party

Sustainable Australia Party is an independent community movement from the political centre, with a positive plan for an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable Australia. We believe in a science and evidence-based approach to policy - not a left or right wing ideology.

For starters, SAP campaigns to:

  • Protect our environment
  • Stop overdevelopment
  • Stop corruption

And much more...

SAP has developed a broad policy platform to address Australia's growing economic, environmental and social problems and crises. In summary - a sustainable Australia that is democratically governed for the people, not vested interests. Our policy priorities, and much more, are detailed in our broad policy platform below.

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If you largely agree with our policies, please consider joining.

Note, SAP does not have a policy on every new government announcement. For issues outside of our broad policy platform, see policy statement at the bottom of this page.

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Australians

Policy objective: Prioritise and improve the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. | More:


Policy objective: Better respect our senior citizens and work to improve their quality of life, while celebrating Australia’s increasing life expectancy as a sign of a successful society. | More:

Animals & Biodiversity

Policy objective: Properly protect animal habitats and welfare, and Australia's biodiversity, thereby ultimately benefit humanity and fulfil our moral obligation to leave room for the countless other species that also have a right to exist. | More:

Anti-Corruption & Governance

Policy objective: Prioritise trust, transparency and democracy in governance, particularly to help stop corruption.| More:

The Arts

Policy objective: Better support the arts to allow all Australians to fulfil their creative potential. | More:


Policy objective: Maintain a strong and technologically advanced defence force to counter likely threats, while helping to maintain regional and global peace and security. | More:


Policy objective: Advance social wellbeing via a prosperous, diverse and equitable economy with secure jobs for all who want them, while acknowledging and working within safe environmental limits.| More:


Policy objective: Provide an affordable, world class education system that gives all Australians the skills and attributes they need to secure jobs and flourish in society. | More:


Policy objective: Provide an energy supply that is smart, affordable, reliable, safe and environmentally sustainable. | More:


Policy objective: Recognise that a healthy natural environment is the foundation upon which all human wellbeing and prosperity is built, and so prioritise environmental sustainability to better protect, manage and restore Australia's fragile and unique natural environment. | More:

Finite & Non-Renewable Resources

Policy objective: Properly manage Australia's finite resources – both renewable and non-renewable - so as to better protect our environment, enhance economic and social security, encourage the highest priority uses and leave a fair share for future generations of Australians. | More:

Foreign Investment

Policy objective: Ensure that all foreign investment is in the long-term national interest, while stopping further foreign ownership. | More:


Policy objective: Better manage problem gambling and reduce per capita losses. | More:


Policy objective: Achieve a healthy and long living Australian population, supported by an innovative and universally free health system. | More:

Housing Affordability

Policy objective: Achieve greater housing affordability for home buyers and renters, while striving for relatively stable house prices. | More:

Job Guarantee 

Policy objective: Establish a federally funded national job guarantee program in order to ensure full employment, managed through the re-established Commonwealth Employment Service (CES), and initially focused on protecting and restoring Australia’s environment. | More:

Law & Order

Policy objective: Better provide for the security of Australia's citizens and community, while improving our justice system. | More:


Policy objective: Achieve an independent, trustworthy and diverse media industry. | More:

Planning & Development

Policy objective: Achieve a better, transparent, democratic and environmentally sustainable town and urban planning system that will stop overdevelopment of both high-rise density and sprawl, while properly protecting our natural environment, built heritage, backyards and urban amenity. | More:

Privatisation & Public Assets

Policy objective: Retain, and where appropriate regain, public ownership of Australia’s key public assets, particularly natural monopolies, in order to serve the broader public and national interests. | More:

Regional & Rural Australia

Policy objective: Better support regional and rural Australia with a fairer share of government resources and services. | More:


Policy objective: Better fund and support pure and applied science, with a key focus being the creation of a sustainable society. | More:

Sustainable Population & Immigration (Australia)

Policy objective: Based on the best scientific advice and as a positive example to the rest of the world, stabilise Australia's population size as soon as practicable, aiming for a population target under 30 million through to and beyond 2050. | More:

Sustainable Population (Global)

Policy objective: Provide leadership and support to countries experiencing rapid population growth, in order to help stabilise global population as soon as practicable, being at the United Nation’s low peak variant of around 9 billion by 2050. | More:


Policy objective: Implement a simpler and fairer tax system. | More:


Policy objective: Partake in the global economy through fair trade that allows a level playing field for Australian workers and businesses, while properly protecting Australia’s environment from overdevelopment. | More:


Policy objective: Prioritise the most ecologically sustainable and congestion-free public and private transport systems. | More:


Policy objective: Significantly reduce Australia's waste production, and increase its recycling and energy recovery through a circular economy. | More:


Policy objective: Better manage and conserve our water in urban and regional areas. | More:


Policy objective: Better protect and support the most vulnerable Australians, while prioritising fairness and lowering levels of wealth inequality. | More:

Conscience Votes

Policy objective: Allow elected MPs and Councillors more freedom than major political parties do on matters of conscience. | More:

Statement regarding issues outside of our policy platform:

As outlined above, Sustainable Australia Party supports a science and evidence-based approach to policy - not a left or right wing ideology.

We have developed a broad policy platform, however, as a minor party with limited resources, we do not have a policy on everything. For example, we do not have a policy on every new government announcement.

Issues and legislation outside of our policy platform would be addressed, if we are elected, in an evidence-based way with appropriate member and community consultation.

SAP also supports Swiss-style direct democracy through our 'Anti-Corruption & Governance' policy, where the community has the right to a final say on any issue based on citizen-initiated referenda.