Animals & Biodiversity

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Properly protect animal habitats and welfare, and Australia's biodiversity, thereby ultimately benefit humanity and fulfil our moral obligation to leave room for the countless other species that also have a right to exist.

Policy Methods (Federal & State)

To help achieve this Sustainable Australia Party will:

  • Support a stronger Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) to properly protect Australia’s environment and biodiversity, including:
    • A properly funded and enforced national biodiversity and native species program
    • Widespread urban, rural and marine animal habitat protection, including avoiding habitats of all threatened, vulnerable and endangered native species in housing, mining, agriculture, etc developments
    • Stronger laws to prevent inappropriate land and tree-clearing
    • Stronger laws to prevent the depopulation and eventual extinction of threatened, vulnerable and endangered native species
    • Improved and better connected wildlife corridors
    • Properly protect our marine national parks and sanctuaries
    • Sustainably harvest and manage Australia's fish stocks and ocean wildlife populations to prevent overfishing

"Australia is overfishing by more than a third and has made 'limited progress' in restoring its fish stocks to sustainable levels..."

  • Humane reduction and eradication programs for high-risk feral and invasive (also see Environment policy) species
  • Implement mandatory and independently regulated best practice animal welfare management in farming, agriculture, conservation, research, sporting, breeding and domestic environments, including by:
    • Increasing penalties for animal cruelty and neglect
    • An end to live animal exports (also see Regional & Rural Australia policy)
    • Minimising the use of factory farming
    • Encouraging smaller-scale farms with on-farm abattoirs as a credible alternative to factory farming
  • Stabilise Australia’s population as soon as practicable (also see Population & Immigration (Australia) policy)

"A key conservation group wants human population growth to be listed as a threatening process under Australia's environment laws. The Australian Conservation Foundation has asked the Federal Department of Environment to review the link between Australia's growing population and the loss of biodiversity." Australian Broadcasting Corporation