Members of Parliament (MPs) & Councillors

William Bourke and Georgia Lamb - Councillors, North Sydney Council, NSW

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Daniel Minson - Councillor, Town of Victoria Park, WA

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(2018 - 2022) Clifford Hayes - Member of the Legislative Council / Upper House (Southern Metropolitan Region), Victorian State Parliament

Clifford spent over forty years in the film and television industry as an editor and producer. He worked for a large television production company in the early days of his career. He then freelanced and worked for production and post-production companies, including directing his own company.

Clifford entered politics when he was elected to Council in 2005 for the City of Bayside, on the sole issue of opposing high rise development which was a major issue at that time in his neighbourhood. He went on to become Mayor of Bayside, always fighting for better planning and infrastructure outcomes and pointing to rapid population as part of the problem.

In the 2018 Victorian State Election, Cliff ran as the lead candidate for Sustainable Australia Party in the Southern Metropolitan Region and was elected to the Legislative Council.

In particular, Clifford fought to return real planning powers to local communities.

Clifford was unfortunately not re-elected in the Novmeber 2022 Victoria State Election.

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