Volunteer today

There are a number of ways you can help our independent community movement.

To volunteer, first complete the volunteer form on this page and tick the relevant boxes etc. We will then get in touch.

Distribute 20 small flyers

The first and simplest way to volunteer today is to request 20 free small flyers to distribute, including:

  • Hand out to family, friends and colleagues;
  • Letterbox drop in your street; and/or
  • Pin onto community and club noticeboards

****Letterboxing 500+ flyers

Another important way to help SAP is to letterbox 500+ flyers in your area.

500 is usually 2-3 hours of walking in total. SAP is a small party with limited resources, so if you are a daily/regular walker, 500 is great but it is ideal to send at least 1000 flyers.

****This costs SAP around $13 for postage (plus our printing and handling costs). We are asking for a donation of $15 for 500+ flyers to help cover costs. Unfortunately SAP is not in a position to post these for free due to limited resources. Note, we can fit up to 2000 in a post pack if you are a big walker and able to commit to around 10-12 hours of walking over a 2-3 weeks.

Letterboxing instructions: Political parties have exemptions from 'no junk' signs so please deliver to every letterbox.

Volunteer behaviours guidelines

Importantly, all event volunteers must read and adhere to SAP's Volunteer behaviour guidelines.


Will you volunteer?