Volunteer today

  1. Letterbox/share 10 (or 500+) business cards
  2. Host a local letterboxing* and social meetup event near you
  3. Volunteer to hand out how-to-vote cards during an election

Other ways to help?

If you can't actively help today, please consider the following:

  • Make a small or regular donation - click here.
  • Order a free car sticker - click here.
  • Become an (active or passive) candidate. We are in need of members to help us put the party name on the ballot paper in the upcoming Victorian (November 2022) and NSW (March 2023) state elections. Please contact us (either through this Volunteer page or the Contact page, noting 'candidature') if you are open to a no obligation discussion about this.

1. Business cards

The first way you can volunteer today is to request 10 (or 500+*) free business cards to:

  • Hand out to family, friends and colleagues
  • Letterbox** drop in your street
  • Pin onto community and club noticeboards

To order, complete our volunteer form and write "10 business cards" along with your postal address (if you like, ask for a "free sticker" too!).

*More than 10?

If you would like to letterbox more than 10, please note that 10 is the maximum we can fit in a standard envelope with a $1.10 stamp. The next size postage costs us around $13 (plus our overhead handling costs). As a small party with limited resources, it is not economic for us to send 20, 100 or even 250 cards for this cost. 500* cards (*2-3 hours of walking in total) is the next stage at which this becomes economic (in a $13 post pack which we pay for).

Note, we can fit up to 2000 if you are a daily/regular walker. Remember - you can break this 500-2000 up into as many walks as you like over several weeks!

Please see our Merchandise page for other available items.

2. Host a letterboxing and social meetup (members only)

Host a local letterboxing* and social meetup event near you on the first Sunday of the month (FSOTM).

Contact us for details.

**Letterboxing instructions: Political parties have exemptions from 'no junk' signs: “Material deemed to be political, educational, religious and charitable is exempt from "No Junk Mail" signed letterboxes according to standards developed by the Australian Catalogue Association.”

3. Volunteer to hand out how-to-vote cards during an election

Staff an early voting centre (polling place) or election day voting centre***

***Volunteer guidelines

Importantly, all event volunteers must read SAP's Volunteer behaviour guidelines.


Ask via the 'Contact' menu link.

Will you volunteer?