BREAKING: SAP to contest the 25 March 2023 NSW election, with Councillor William Bourke heading the Upper House (Legislative Council) ticket.

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Introduction to SAP

Sustainable Australia Party is an independent community movement with a science and evidence-based policy platform.

We are fighting to:

  • Protect our environment
  • Stop overdevelopment
  • Stop corruption


Protecting endangered species habitats, native forests and local tree canopies Reduce Australia’s waste production Action on climate change Stopping inappropriate high-rise and sprawl Delivering new community infrastructure before more housing Stabilising Australia’s population size Transparent reporting of political donations and lobbying Banning political donations from big business and unions

We have more sustainable solutions in our policy platform to address Australia’s growing economic, environmental and social problems including the housing affordability crisis, overcrowded public transport, road congestion, high immigration-fuelled rapid population growth, political and property developer corruption, privatisation of key public assets, economic de-industrialisation, foreign ownership, problem gambling, an underfunded arts sector and ageism.

Redefining growth

In line with our science and evidence-based approach to policy, Sustainable Australia Party is #RedefiningGrowth to mean better, not bigger.

Importantly, Sustainable Australia Party is the only political movement to challenge the reckless political agenda of rapid growth in both resource consumption (e.g. water, energy, forests, fish stocks, etc) and population size. Instead, we prioritise growth in our health and wellbeing over business-as-usual growth in consumption and population.

Why? Australia's growing resource consumption and population size are the twin drivers of our growing environmental problems, according to our major scientific reports including the State of the Environment Report.

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As an independent community movement, after you Vote 1 for Sustainable Australia Party, we ask that you decide where to direct your own preferences. See 'Preferences' under 'About us' in our website menu.


MEDIA RELEASE: The big flaw in Australian Treasury’s Centre for Population report

Sustainable Australia Party has called out Australian Treasury for peddling demographic and economic myths about the impact of ageing.

MEDIA: Daily Telegraph - Sustainable Australia Party claims its first ever NSW council seats

In a major coup for the party, Sustainable Australia has also secured two of the 10 council seats – the first time the party has been elected at any level of government in NSW.

SUBMISSION: Inquiry into housing affordability and supply in Australia

Housing is a fundamental need and human right. Perversely, homes are now treated as an investment asset by governments rather than a shelter in which to live and/or raise a family.

REPORT: Three Economic Myths about Ageing: Participation, Immigration and Infrastructure

Ageing countries have higher economic growth - and the improved health and longevity of older people increases their economic contributions.

MEDIA RELEASE: Infrastructure cannot be doubled with population doubling because Australian cities have reached diseconomies of scale

“It used to be easy to deliver infrastructure when the government owned the land, but because our major cities are already planned and built up, there is no room to retro-fit new infrastructure without expensive additions like land buy-backs and tunnelling,” said William Bourke, President of Sustainable Australia Party.

MEDIA: Sydney Morning Herald - Ageing is no ticking time-bomb

Our ageing population presents serious economic challenges. Right?

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