Introduction | Sustainable Australia Party

Sustainable Australia is an independent community party from the sensible centre, with a positive plan for an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable Australia. We believe in an evidence-based approach to policy - not a left or right ideology.

The problem?

Australia's politicians lack long-term policy vision - including serious discussion on overdevelopment and overpopulation - and generally push the folly of unlimited growth.

At federal and state level, Liberal and Labor governments are relying on this unsustainable overdevelopment and overpopulation, creating a "real estate-driven" economy with "productivity going backwards" that is "setting the precedents for a significant slowdown.”

The solution?

Sustainable Australia has carefully developed a comprehensive policy platform. Within this platform, we have prioritised four big issues:

  • A sustainable environment and population
  • Better planning to stop overdevelopment
  • Affordable housing for first home buyers and renters
  • Secure jobs via a more diverse economy

NB: Because we include a sustainable population (and immigration) policy in our platform, there has been some misrepresentation of SAP as 'anti-immigration' - particularly from some in The Greens (and to a lesser extent Labor). We address this myth here

Get involved

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