Preferences - How to Vote


As an independent community party from the political centre, after you Vote 1 for Sustainable Australia Party, we prefer that YOU decide where to direct your own preferences.

You do not have to follow ANY party's preference recommendations. It should always be YOUR choice. But, the more you number, the more powerful your vote because if your top choice(s) are eliminated your vote flows on at full value to your next choice!

Federal Election - May 2019

In the federal election voting system, NO PARTY CAN CONTROL YOUR PREFERENCES even if you give them your #1 vote. Preferences are ONLY allocated according to YOUR numbering of boxes.

2019 SAP how-to-vote card

Sample ballot papers

Lower House seats (House of Representatives)

Vote 1 Sustainable Australia then number all boxes in the order of YOUR preference.

Upper House (Senate)

Vote 1 Sustainable Australia above the line, then number at least 5 other boxes in the order of YOUR preference. No need to number any boxes below the line.