Preferences - How-to-vote SAP

Voting systems vary slightly across the states and for the federal election - but you can ALWAYS choose your own preferences.

Even if a major party has a 'how to vote' (HTV) card recommending how you order the candidates - you do not have to follow their recommendation. It is and should always be YOUR choice.

Here is a crude yet helpful explanation of how preferences work (and why you should put our environment first!):

SAP's preference

As an independent community movement, after you Vote 1 for Sustainable Australia Party, we ask that YOU decide where to direct your own preferences.

At SAP, we generally do not even suggest other parties to preference.

For example, see our current NSW and recent federal election HTV cards below.

NSW Election - March 2023

Federal Election - May 2022

2022 SAP how-to-vote card:

Sample ballot papers

Lower House (House of Representatives)

Vote 1 Sustainable Australia then number all boxes in the order of YOUR preference.

Upper House (Senate)

Vote 1 Sustainable Australia above the line, then number at least 5 other boxes in the order of YOUR preference. No need to number any boxes below the line.