Our independent community party from the political centre aims to secure an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable Australia.

Why join Sustainable Australia Party?

For starters, we're campaigning to protect our environment, stop overdevelopment and stop corruption.

But we can't achieve our important goals unless we grow our membership. In each state/territory, we need to meet a minimum number of members before we can register to contest state elections.

Put simply, we need more members!

You will also enjoy:

  • Direct participation in a community movement advocating for a sustainable Australia
  • Right to a vote at our AGM including on key party decisions
  • Right to input during policy reviews
  • Member-only eNewsletter distribution
  • Party paraphernalia including stickers and flyers
  • Opportunity to nominate for candidature
  • All members of our federal party are automatically also members of their respective state / territory branch


If you are aligned to our core values, please apply to become a member. We typically respond to membership applications within 14 days.

If you are looking to blame any particular ethnic, religious or minority group (other than our politicians!) for Australia's growing problems, please do not proceed.

Already a member? Click on our Donate page instead.


  • You must be an Australian citizen, and cannot be a current member of another political party.
  • Each new member must use a unique email address  - i.e. not used by a current member.
  • You must provide your full legal name (e.g. Katherine, not Kate, and middle name/s if you have any) and include your DOB.
  • You must complete every field for the process to work. Type 'NA' rather than leave fields blank (e.g. if you don't have a middle name).

Select your preferred membership type below:

One-off joining fees (subsequent annual membership fees are payable by 30 June).

Those that can afford it have an opportunity to make a tax-deductible (say) $10 monthly donation at the end of the process.

Adult $22

Concession $11