A message from our new President - Sustainable Australia Party

The younger generation is the future, and they will eventually make up a large portion of votes in Australia.

G’day everyone!

I’m Celeste, the new President of the Sustainable Australia Party!

Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude and excitement to take on this role within the party and I am humbled to have everyone’s trust. I also want to acknowledge the hard work of the previous National Committee including former President Cr William Bourke, who is one of several members who remain on the Committee in a different role going forward. You can view the full 2023/24 Committee here.

You may have seen that I recently ran in the Mulgrave by-election. For those who do not know me, I am a passionate individual who believes that the values and policies of the Sustainable Australia Party are exactly what we need in Australia to ensure fairness and resilience into the future.

I have a strong connection and commitment to Australia, so much so that I have spent much of my years caring for Country and educating myself on environmental health. I have a degree in arts with a major in geography, which focused on the built environment, local and regional planning, sustainability, cities, food security, policy, politics, and Aboriginal culture and sustainability. I am undertaking my master’s in environment and climate emergency because I love learning and gaining knowledge. Still, I also want to research sustainability practices in Australia within the built environment, food systems, and Aboriginal culture.

Coming from Tasmania, I was not exposed to the unprecedented growth of cities and urban spaces until I moved to Melbourne in 2015. The rapid growth in both housing and population stood out to me, and it caused me physical pain. One moment, in particular, pushed me over the edge. I was driving from one suburb to another after not driving through that area for about a year; the last time I had driven was when I had my horse agisted at a horse property. As I drove through, expecting to see trees and agriculture properties, I was met with 100s of houses that looked the same. The beautiful properties were gone; the bushland had disappeared and was replaced with ugly homes, concrete, poxy fake lakes and green spaces devoid of biodiversity. I cried; I was heartbroken.

I know that Australians need homes, but I know that we can be housed sustainably. The housing crisis is a government-engineered hyper-demand situation and is not sustainable. At what point is enough enough? Is it when we have created so much urban sprawl that we’re finally reaching the centre of Australia? Or is it when our farmlands are no more?

I am a renter and have had to move out of Melbourne to find somewhere affordable, but this is the price I also pay to ensure my children grow up being exposed to biodiversity, fresh air, self-resilience from growing their own food, and peace and quiet.

In 2024, I want to make noise.

I want to get our party out there in the eyes and minds of everyday Australians by pushing our online presence with educational pieces. We use a science-based policy platform, and I want to get the facts out there in communities around Australia.

I also intend to create a strategy to get the attention of younger Australians. The younger generation is the future, and they will eventually make up a large portion of votes in Australia.

I am proud that we are neither a left or right party, but one that creates policies based on science and fact.

The overarching principle driving me is putting our environment first and protecting our country through sustainable practices and policies. Without a healthy environment, we will lose a monumental chunk of our economy, we will lose our health, and we will also lose our livelihoods. This is what I want to protect.

I cannot wait to work with all of you, push for a sustainable Australia, and reverse the damage the major parties have inflicted upon our home.

Until next time,

Celeste Ackerly
Sustainable Australia Party