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Maintain a strong and technologically advanced defence force to counter likely threats, while helping to maintain regional and global peace and security.

Policy Methods (Federal)

To help achieve this Sustainable Australia Party will:

  • Promote peace, security and defence alliances through strong and constructive diplomacy
  • Aim to avoid regional conflicts and failed states by linking foreign aid to environmental sustainability programs that optimise the management of natural resources like water and productive land
  • Focus Australia's defence capabilities on technologically advanced options that maximise its defence capabilities, including air, land and marine drones
  • Wherever possible, produce military technology, equipment, clothing and other supplies in Australia rather than rely on imports
  • Regain public ownership of natural monopolies and other critical infrastructure that significantly impact on national security such as ports and airports (also see Privatisation & Public Assets policy)
  • Dispel the myth that growing our population size is the key to Australia’s defence in the 21st Century

“I don't agree with that argument for, you know, populate or perish, you know, double the size against some kind of amorphous threat. Really the thing that we need for our defence is to be absolutely smart about the way we do it. Diplomacy first and then behind that a defence force which can do the things it needs to defend our sovereignty in a smart way. It doesn't rely on numbers, it actually relies on very smart people and the wealth to put the right kit in their hands. So simply doubling our population is irrelevant in terms of making us a more viable defence force.” Sir Peter Cosgrove, former Chief of the Defence Force and Governor General in 'Dick Smith’s Population Puzzle'.