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Better manage our water security, including through lower wastage and fairer water rights and responsibilities in regional Australia.

"Melbourne could begin to experience chronic water shortages within about a decade, even if the desalination plant is cranked up to its full capacity, as climate change and population growth rapidly deplete the city's dams." The Age

Policy Methods (Federal & State)

To help achieve this Sustainable Australia Party will:

  • Conduct a Federal Royal Commission into water management in the Murray–Darling Basin, to scientifically determine, amongst other things:
    • An appropriate cap on water diversions
    • An investigation of total return flows from irrigation water and total water actually delivered to the environment
    • The appropriateness of speculative water trading, which will need to acknowledge that not all water is equal, and that the trade of water entitlements and allocations between states and valleys can be detrimental to the environment
    • Importantly, policy outcomes would incorporate representation from all stakeholders in the decision-making process, particularly farming communities and traditional owners.

“You don’t even need a DA to set up a nut farm... Where Victoria has put in a moratorium on permanent plantings, NSW is still rolling out the red carpet to these international investors." Michael West Media

  • Lower population growth (also see Sustainable Population & Immigration (Australia) policy).

"Around one million of this projected population growth is also expected to occur in Sydney’s West, whose water supply is already buckling." MacroBusiness

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