Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Australians

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  • Environment
  • Regional & Rural Australia


Improve the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.(1)(2)

Policy Methods (Federal & State)

To help achieve this Sustainable Australia Party will:

  • Properly resource, benchmark and report on its national 'Closing the Gap' targets, relating to life expectancy, infant mortality, early childhood development, education and employment.
  • Provide greater employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, including those that facilitate an ongoing relationship with the land and natural environment.(3)
  • More rigorously protect and recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts and culture:

"Two rock shelters, recognised as one of Australia's oldest known Aboriginal heritage sites — with evidence of human occupation from over 46,000 years ago — were destroyed last weekend." Australian Broadcasting Corporation


  1. We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Australians and Traditional Custodians of the lands where we live, learn, and work.
  2. "Many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people do not like to be referred to as ‘Indigenous’ as the term is considered too generic. It’s best to find out what individuals prefer to be called, rather than making assumptions."
  3. Examples would be via more prominent resourcing of an enhanced national 'sustainability army' (also see Environment Policy) and job guarantee programs in conservation land management (also see Jobs & Economy Policy).

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