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Partake in the global economy through fair trade that allows a level playing field for Australian workers and businesses.

"Rather than being 'export agreements', the ['free trade'] deals for which we have data are better described as import agreements. In every case for which we have clear evidence, our trade agreements seem to have boosted imports more than exports." The Age

Policy Methods (Federal)

To help achieve this Sustainable Australia Party will:

  • Removing trade agreement rules that prevent governments from buying local goods and services and supporting local jobs and industries.

"4192 direct and indirect jobs and $484 million in tax revenue has been lost through the offshoring of four projects in recent years." The New Daily

  • Providing clearer country of origin labelling laws to help consumers easily choose Australian made goods and services.
  • Removing immigration from all trade agreements, particularly trade agreements that prioritise foreign workers over Australian workers, and instead manage immigration wholly through the official ‘Migration Program’.

"For example, labour market testing is not required when it would conflict with Australia's international trade obligations." ABC

  • Removing investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) provisions from all trade agreements.

"ISDS gives additional legal rights to global corporations to sue governments in unfair international tribunals, undermining democratic regulation in the public interest. Trade agreements should not increase corporate power at the expense of communities." The Conversation

  • Prioritising mutually high environmental standards in all trade agreements.
  • Prioritising compliance with strong human rights, labour and employment conditions in all trade agreements.
  • Imposing sustainability levies (related to the environment) and social levies (related to labour rights) on products from countries that don’t meet minimum requirements, and place import bans on relevant products from countries where breaches of environmental or human rights standards persist.
  • Reviewing all of Australia’s so-called 'Free Trade Agreements', including the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership, for Sustainable Australia policy compliance.

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