At the outset, it is important to dispel the myth that the big threat to the sustainability of our health system is population ageing.

Achieve a healthy and long living Australian population, supported by a health system that is innovative, accessible, affordable and sustainable.

Policy Methods (Federal & State)
To help achieve this Sustainable Australia Party will:

  • Better promote preventative health care through healthier lifestyle choices, including:
    • Appropriate food and beverage choices, particularly at primary and secondary schools;
    • A national physical activity plan promoting and supporting regular exercise including accessible community-led sporting groups;
    • A ban on junk and high sugar content food and beverage advertising to children during children’s television viewing hours;(1)
    • Proper government assessment of appropriate dietary requirements and intakes including sugar levels;
    • An excise on products containing high levels of sugar, with the revenue raised from such a sugar excise to be directed to subsidising appropriate fresh fruit and vegetables, and funding public health awareness campaigns and anti-obesity health care;
    • Affordable access to primary health care.
  • Provide universal access to free contraception and reproductive health advice.
  • Properly review the health care system to identify and eliminate waste and mismanagement.
  • Better invest in medical and nursing training as well as scientific research and cost-effective medical technology in order to bring down the cost of healthcare.(2)
  • Better resource mental health services, including hospital and community-based preventative care, assessment and support services.
  • Roll out the NDIS with efficiency and priority for Australia’s high-needs individuals and families.
  • Treat personal drug use and abuse as primarily a health issue and support users with well-funded rehabilitation programs.
  • Support proven quality natural or 'alternative' health care.


  1. Children’s viewing hours are Mon-Fri 7:00-8:00, 16:00-20:30, Sat-Sun 7:00-20:30. NB: 91% are concerned about TV food ads directed at children: Coalition on Food Advertising to Children research.
  2. We know from successive Federal Treasury studies that the ever-rising cost of healthcare - caused not so much by the ageing of the population as by the ever-rising cost of advances in medical technology - is the greatest reason for the projected increase in budget deficits.

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