VIDEO: Save Gnarabup - WA candidate Daniel Minson

Daniel Minson, Sustainable Australia Party WA candidate for South West region is campaigning to save the pristine Gnarabup Beach headland from a hotel development.

VIDEO: Ryan Oostryck - WA candidate for South Metropolitan region

Sustainable Australia Party WA candidate, Ryan Oostryck, at the state registration event in December 2020.

VIDEO: WA State Registration Celebration

SAP WA Organiser, Daniel Minson, at the state registration event in December 2020.

VIDEO: Overdevelopment in our neighbourhood

Sustainable Australia Party is fighting to protect our environment, stop overdevelopment and stop corruption. Here, party president William Bourke talks about his neighbourhood.

MEDIA RELEASE: Sustainable Australia Party registers for WA election, calls for 'planning election'

Fresh off an 8 per cent primary vote in the Groom federal by-election [1], Sustainable Australia Party has registered in WA to contest the March 2021 state election.[2]

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MEDIA: 2GB - Where to from here for our relations with China

The relationship between Australia and China has tensed further after a Twitter post shared by China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian shows a doctored image of an Australian soldier holding a knife to an Afghan childs throat.

The Tweet is the latest in the highly publicized battle between the two nations.

The Hon. Kelvin Thomson joins John Stanley to discuss how the situation developed to this point and how he thinks Australia should approach China in the future.

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MEDIA RELEASE: China Free Trade Agreement revealed as worthless

Five years ago, along with being the Federal Labor Member for Wills, I was the Deputy Chair of the Federal Parliament’s Joint Standing Committee on Treaties. In that capacity I wrote a Dissenting Report opposing ratification of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement.

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MEDIA RELEASE: Sustainable Australia Party candidate thanks Groom voters and congratulates winner

Sustainable Australia Party Groom by-election candidate Sandra Jephcott, a Queensland veterinarian and farmer, today thanked Groom by-election voters for their support and congratulated Liberal National Party candidate Garth Hamilton on his win, as well as all other candidates for running.

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KELVIN’S BLOG: Elimination of Coronavirus in Victoria

They said it couldn’t be done, but it has. Victoria has now had 28 consecutive days of no new coronavirus cases, and now has no active cases. We meet the epidemiologists definition of coronavirus having been eliminated.

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KELVIN’S BLOG: High Density and the Environment

An incessant claim made by the dense population pushers is that higher density is better for the environment. The inference is that to oppose higher density is selfish.

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