MEDIA: Time to change the Senate voting system, and here's how

The answer to our problems lies simply in handing the power over Senate preferences back to the voters: William Bourke, Sustainable Australia


Suggestions for reform of the Senate voting system will inevitably attract criticism as being variously self-serving, undemocratic, insufficient or unnecessary, depending on individual perspectives.

It is, however, undeniable that the vagaries of the current electoral system are poorly understood by the majority of Australian voters, and that of itself is sufficient justification for change. US Supreme Court Justice David Souter, in a 2009 speech to the Georgetown University Law Centre, commented that democracy "is lost when it is not understood".

It is necessary to acknowledge that the voting system for electing senators can and should be changed by the Parliament. But the answer to the Senate's electoral issues lies not in punishing or banishing minor parties like Sustainable Australia.

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