MEDIA RELEASE: Attack of the $100K Degree

MEDIA RELEASE: Attack of the $100K Degree

Turnbull government’s higher education “reforms” a financial attack on students

The Turnbull government released a “discussion paper” on higher education “reform” at the same time as the federal budget, but has made no mention of its plans for students during the current election campaign.

Sustainable Australia Senate Candidate in NSW, William Bourke says that’s because the so-called reforms represent a savage financial attack on students and their families.

“The government wants to deregulate fees for “flagship” courses, so get ready for $100,000 arts, medical, law and engineering degrees,” Mr Bourke says.

“Even more outrageously, the government is proposing a “household means test” repayment trigger, meaning the income of the indebted former student, PLUS their parents’ income if they still live at home, or even their de facto partner or spouse’s income, is counted in determining when repayments start.”   

“And you won’t be able to escape the government’s clutches by the old trick of dying young, because the government wants to collect student debts from deceased estates.”

Sustainable Australia opposes these outrageous and unfair proposals in their entirety.

Australia should provide an affordable, world class education system that gives all Australians the skills and attributes they need. This should include:

•          The reduction of all TAFE and university higher education fees by 50%.

•          FREE tertiary education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics    courses, and

•          Reduction of all current HECS debts by 50%, where the remaining balance is paid within 24 months

On 2 July, vote 1, Sustainable Australia, in the Senate.

View Sustainable Australia’s “Attack of the $100k degree” Video Here