MEDIA RELEASE: Sustainable Australia Party registers in Victoria to stop overdevelopment

MEDIA RELEASE: Sustainable Australia Party registers in Victoria to stop overdevelopment

Sustainable Australia Party has successfully registered to contest the Victorian election in November and will campaign for better planning to stop overdevelopment across the state. This follows the centrist party’s recent registration for the New South Wales election in March 2019...

The party will be running in all eight Victorian Upper House regions, with several former local mayors to be announced as candidates in August.

“Melbourne is suffering from cancerous growth and overdevelopment. This growth is overwhelming our hospitals, schools and roads, and grinding our city to a halt. Infrastructure and services are not keeping up with housing and population growth. As a result, our world-renowned quality of life is disappearing,” said federal party president William Bourke.

“We are calling for a ‘better, not bigger’ approach to planning and development, with major planning reforms that would return real power to local communities in development decisions. This would mean corruption-free local citizen juries to determine overall development masterplans by local council area, including total dwelling number, density and height limits. This planning would also incorporate commitments to infrastructure to accompany future residential development. Importantly, local planning policies and decisions could not be overturned by corruptible state government ministers, departments or tribunals,” said Mr Bourke.

“To help secure better planning, the State Government should also demand that the Federal Government lowers permanent immigration back to the long-term average of 70,000 per year. It’s time to focus on a better, not bigger approach to planning. We need better planning to stop overdevelopment and protect our quality of life from developers and politicians,” added Mr Bourke. | Ends

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