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Established in 2010 from the political centre, we have a positive plan to secure an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable Australia.

To meet our aims, we have developed a comprehensive policy platform, detailed below.

This includes four major policy priorities:

  • Jobs
  • Housing
  • Planning
  • Environment

> Secure #jobs in a more diverse economy


  • How? Better invest in education and skills training; Re-allocate our scarce economic capital (away from property speculation and back into manufacturing, agriculture, small business entrepreneurship, etc); A simpler, fairer tax system; Rebuild the regions; Fair trade with a level playing field; Australian ownership and management of utilities, land and resources; & more.

> Affordable #housing for first home buyers and renters


  • How? Tax reform (end CGT/NG concessions); Ban foreign buyers; Lower immigration; & more.

> Better #planning to save our cities, suburbs and towns from overdevelopment


  • How? Independent localised community decisions; Better public transport; Preserve or plant corridors of biodiversity; Prioritise ecological design in housing; & more.

> Sustainable #environment and population


  • How? Transition to a predominantly renewable energy supply; Moratorium on all fracking; Increase conservation management funding; Enhance biodiversity and native species programs; Protect animal habitats from housing and farming land clearing; Minimise factory farming; Slow population growth (so all of the above isn't undermined); & more.

National policy platform (24 sections):

Our policy priorities (and much more) are detailed within our comprehensive policy platform below. Issues outside of our comprehensive policy platform are addressed on merit, if elected.