After watching our new 'Sick of politicians?' NSW campaign video on Facebook, Dick Smith did something he's never done before - joined a political party.


William Bourke and Dick Smith. Full details: CLICK HERE

Introduction | Sustainable Australia

Established in 2010, Sustainable Australia is a federally registered political party from the sensible centre, with a positive agenda. We aim to secure an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable Australia.

Under Liberal/Labor governments, Australia is experiencing a decline in economic living standards and major environmental degradation.

Sustainable Australia has developed a comprehensive policy platform and prioritised four big issues: secure jobs, affordable housing, better planning and a sustainable environment.

We are also the only party to offer the choice of a 'Better, not bigger' Australia including a clear policy to end Australia's Liberal/Labor/Greens-engineered rapid population growth.


We need your help

Over one million Australians voted for our party in their top six Senate choices in the 2016 federal election. We are now using this momentum to launch State parties. The current major priority is NSW - which has a unique free membership option.

Join today and help us end the mismanagement of our beautiful, yet arid and fragile continent.