4BC | Sydney to hit 8 million people by mid-2050s

President of Sustainable Australia William Bourke joins Luke Grant on the Michael McLaren show to discuss the exponential growth of population in major Australian cities.


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Statement from Sustainable Australia major donors

Why we support Sustainable Australia Party

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The Daily Telegraph | Pauline is Dick's last resort

"Politics is won from the centre, and I liken Dick’s choice — to abandon the middle for One Nation — to the race between the tortoise and the hare."


William Bourke, pictured with Dick Smith, was the millionaire patriot’s first political endorsement. (Pic: News Corp)

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Parent visa vote-buying undermines budget and public interest

Immigration reform should start with parent visa anachronism: Sustainable Australia

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Sustainable Australia (ACT) represented by Indigenous Elder, science father-son

All five ACT electorates to be contested by Sustainable Australia

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Major parties ignore causes of housing affordability crisis

Big parties lock young Australians out of home ownership.

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Sustainable Australia welcomes NRMA's population growth acknowledgement

Sustainable Australia welcomes the NRMA acknowledgement that Australia’s population growth is the cause of our ever-worsening traffic congestion.

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Attack of the $100K Degree

Turnbull government’s higher education “reforms” a financial attack on students

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Turnbull’s 30 minute cities plan is his Kevin Rudd “Big Australia” moment

There’s only one serious solution to our clogged cities.

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Media release | A simpler, fairer tax system

Multinationals Should Pay 50% If Not Paying Their Fair Share of Tax

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