MEDIA RELEASE: Regressive and corrupt ACT election funding system must be reformed

Despite the constant assertions from the ACT Labor-Green alliance that they run a ‘progressive’ government, one simple fact undermines this – the ACT election funding system.

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MEDIA: The West Australian - Party to tap coast campaign

An east-coast community-focused political party will use the Preserve Gnarabup campaign as part of its drive to contest seats in the South West at next year’s WA election.

Sustainable Australia Party president William Bourke said the five-star resort proposed for the Gnarabup coast was a prime example of WA’s “top-down” planning approvals process that did not reflect the sentiments of individual communities.

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NEWSLETTER: Clifford Hayes MP - Here's what I've been working on recently

Dear supporters and Sustainable Australia Party members,

I hope my letter finds you and your loved ones well.

I hope you are all staying strong during extremely difficult circumstances. This unprecedented pandemic is undermining the social and economic fabric of our state. 

As you will be aware, the past month has been dominated by the State Government's push to extend Victoria's State of Emergency.

I will touch on that, and many other issues, in this newsletter. 


Clifford Hayes MP

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KELVIN'S BLOG: CSL coronavirus work continues a long tradition

This week it has been reported that the Australian biotechnology company CSL has reached an agreement with the Australian Government to supply up to 51 million doses of a University of Queensland developed coronavirus vaccine to be available from mid next year if it proves safe and effective.

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MEDIA RELEASE: Sustainable Australia Party welcomes anti-corruption Bills

The Sustainable Australia Party welcomes the introduction of two anti-corruption Bills into the House of Representatives by the Independent Member for the Victorian Electorate of Indi, Helen Haines.

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MEDIA: Business News - WA needs a more transparent and democratic planning system

Transparent and democratic urban planning is essential in underpinning good environmental and social outcomes and delivering liveable cities. This is particularly the case with large and complex cities like Perth.

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MEDIA: The Age - Mission impossible: Andrews' emergency power play looks doomed

The state government's plan to extend its power to make new COVID-19 state of emergency declarations looks doomed as opposition and crossbench MPs accuse Labor of overreach.

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MEDIA: ABC - Victorian Government faces Upper House battle to extend coronavirus state of emergency powers

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has defended the need to extend the state of emergency by another year, describing the measure as an "insurance policy".

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KELVIN'S BLOG: Don't just flatten the curve - Eliminate coronavirus!

In the first couple of months both the Federal and State Governments seemed to be doing a great job of protecting Australians from the coronavirus pandemic.

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KELVIN'S BLOG: Economists say lower immigration will lift wages

A lot of pre coronavirus economic commentary was to the effect that the Australian economy has been struggling due to a lack of wages growth. Essentially wages have been stagnant for years.

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