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Develop an energy supply that is smart, affordable, reliable, safe and environmentally sustainable.

Policy Methods (Federal & State)

To help achieve this Sustainable Australia Party will:

  • Empower Australian consumers to achieve greater energy efficiency, including through the provision of consumer-friendly smart meters providing real time energy usage information
  • Progress towards using a predominantly renewable energy supply (also see Environment policy)
  • Support ongoing research and development into renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency initiatives (also see Environment policy)
  • Support further investment into the research and development of more environmentally friendly energy storage systems, including hydropower, hydrogen and batteries

"Australia has more than 22,000 sites around the country that could be suitable for pumped hydro storage." SMH

  • Empower Australian consumers to choose and use distributed (non-centralised) energy systems including solar photovoltaic (PV), micro wind and ground source heat pumps, supported by battery storage
  • Implement a ban on all new coal mines in Australia
  • Implement a ban on all new fracking, including for coal seam gas, until a thorough and independent review of fugitive emissions and groundwater contamination is completed
  • Implement domestic energy reservation policies for relevant resources, including natural gas (also see Environment policy)

"Australia has been 'uniquely stupid' in allowing companies to dig up resources that belong to the Australian people and sell it overseas, without even ensuring there would be enough gas to cover our own use."

  • Aspire towards a future without domestic nuclear power, whilst engaging in responsible management of Australian-generated low and intermediate-level medical etc radioactive waste
  • Consider all energy production options to help deliver our climate policy targets and ultimately a 21st century emissions-free Australian energy supply (also see Environment policy)
  • Increase the onshore reserves of petroleum to ensure national security of supply
  • Return energy utilities to public hands where appropriate (also see Privatisation & Public Assets policy)
  • Stabilise Australia’s population as soon as practicable (also see Population & Immigration (Australia) policy)