Western Australia


The next Western Australian state election will be held on Saturday, 13 March 2021.

In April 2020, we launched our bid to reach 500+ WA members (and non-voting 'WA Supporters') and register as a state party, so we can contest this important state election (click here)

Sustainable Australia Party (WA)

Sustainable Australia is an independent community party from the sensible centre, with a positive plan for an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable Australia. We believe in an evidence-based approach to policy - not a left or right ideology.

Our plan?

First, stop overdevelopment and corruption, via our 'Planning' and 'Governance' policies.

Plus, implement our comprehensive policy platformWithin this platform, we have prioritised four big issues:

  • A sustainable environment and population
  • Better planning to stop overdevelopment
  • Affordable housing for first home buyers and renters
  • Secure jobs via a more diverse economy

Get involved

Find your local branch

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Option 1 - Member (Join as an official party member) 

WA residents that join Sustainable Australia Party automatically become members of our WA state branch.

We need 500+ members to register our WA branch as a state party.

If joining a political party isn't your thing, you can still help us reach 500 'members and supporters', see Option 2.

NB: Every member must have a separate email address. Please first read the information on our standard 'Join' page.

(Special rate until 31 August 2020 - normally $55 / $33)

Adult $10

Concession $5

Option 2 - 'WA supporter' (FREE non-voting supporter)

SAP has set up a special (free) non-voting 'WA supporter' category in order to help us achieve state registration.

In WA, the Electoral Commission does not need you to be a paying member to help us reach the 500-mark. They will accept a combined list of 500+ members and (non-voting) community supporters.

As a 'WA supporter', you would agree to us using your name and address on the confidential ‘Members and Supporters’ list of 500+ that we give to the WA Electoral Commission (WAEC). You simply need to agree to confirm that you are a SAP 'WA Supporter' if the WAEC calls you during our upcoming registration process.

If you agree with our values and want to help us to achieve WA registration, but don't want to be a voting member of our (or any other) political party, this is for you!

This 'WA supporter' status will expire after the WA state election (March 2021) at which time (or earlier) you may choose to join the party as a financial member.

NB: We're also asking financial members to recruit two 'WA supporters' each and email us to advise who they are (husband, wife, partner, parent, child, friend, dog, etc). Actually, no dogs allowed ;)


  • You cannot be a member of another party.
  • Each person must have a unique (not shared) email address.
  • You must be enrolled to vote in WA
  • We need to lodge our application by 31 August, so please SIGN UP TODAY!

Register as a WA supporter:

Sign up - WA Supporter

We will then contact you to confirm your 'WA supporter' status.


Email wa @ sustainableaustralia.org.au directly or Contact Us through our website.