NSW Election Day around Albury

Saturday, March 23, 2019 at 07:00 AM


Albury Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen’s Club (SSA)

Victorian and Albury area Sustainables will join together to help our NSW election campaign.

Friday dinner

There will be a social drinks and dinner on Friday 22 March from 7-9pm at Albury SS&A (Social Dining & Bar bistro area), hosted by Clifford Hayes MP and Kelvin Thomson.

Feel free to gather from 6pm in the bar area of this bistro.

See: http://www.ssaclub.com.au/social/

Here you will receive your HTV cards (and caps if needed). Booth location and instructions will be given to you by email in the week prior by HQ email (you must first volunteer for the NSW campaign through the Contact Us link).

Election Day - 23 March

Alternatively, the next morning volunteers unable to make the social event will meet at 7am (to 7:20am) to collect HTV cards from the front entrance of Albury SS&A Club (570-582 Olive Street, Albury). Again, you will already have your polling place location.

All volunteers are asked to volunteer for the am shift - 8am-1pm, meaning you need to arrive at the booth by 7:30am. See polling place instructions here.


The Mercure Albury is opposite the Albury SS&A Club, but you can search for cheaper motels, pubs, etc in the area which can be found for around $90 per night.

We also suggest members and supporters make a comment comment below if they'd like to offer or receive free accommodation in Albury, or car pool from Melbourne on the Friday.

NB: If you live in Northern Victoria and would rather volunteer close to you in NSW, please let us know and we will allocate you a booth in Wentworth, Deniliquin, Eden, etc.


Please ask in comment section below!


If you would like to attend the Friday dinner, please simply arrive at the Albury SS&A Club bistro before 7pm. We have a table for 20 booked under 'Sustainable Australia'.

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Will you come?