Media Release: Sustainables call for a North Sydney population referendum

It’s time to think better, not bigger: William Bourke

Sustainable Population Party has endorsed a truly local candidate for the 2015 North Sydney by-election - party founder and president William Bourke. William is a small business owner and long term resident of North Sydney.

With a federal parliament severely lacking in small business skills and real world expertise, William Bourke represents an alternative to political insider appointments.


“I’m proud to be representing a community movement advocating for an economically and environmentally sustainable Australia,” said William Bourke, Sustainable Population Party candidate for North Sydney.

“Our party head office is located in the electorate, so I’m really looking forward to speaking with as many residents of North Sydney as possible. In particular, there are a number of key issues I will be campaigning on for the people of North Sydney, including health care and protecting the Royal North Shore Hospital, education places for all, housing affordability, stopping overdevelopment, and to make all that possible - a sustainable population policy for Australia.

"Australia is at a crossroads. Our health system is groaning under an ever increasing patient load, our roads are clogged with cars going nowhere, while our schools can no longer meet the demand for places from local families. Secure employment and housing affordability have become grim jokes for our young people and our environment is under siege from overdevelopment and pollution.

"Yet the response of the mainstream political parties is to grow our population faster than ever, with an immigration rate three times higher than the average of the last century. The current immigration intake of over 200,000 per year has Australia on track for a population of over 40 million by 2050.

“The Sustainables are calling on North Sydney residents to treat the North Sydney by-election as a referendum on population. Do you want the population of North Sydney and Australia to double, as the Liberal, Labor and Greens parties advocate? Or do you want a sustainable Australia that is better, not bigger?

“I have completed two business degrees and have experience in finance, federal government corporate communications and many years in small business. I am equally concerned about economic, environmental and social issues, which are all inherently linked.

Sustainable Australia stands for an Australia that is better, not bigger. Sustainable Australia will reduce our immigration intake back to the long term average of the 20th century, at 70,000 per annum, putting us back on track for a sustainable population, prosperous economy, healthy environment and a better quality of life.

“I regularly enjoy the outdoors including running and bushwalking in Sydney's national parks where it is possible to see our magnificent native wildlife including goannas, wallabies and kookaburras. I appreciate that past generations made the effort to preserve this for us to enjoy - and to protect other species. I want to ensure we pass on our quality of life to future generations.

“I have never been a member of another political party and as the leader of our centrist party, I’m proud that we attract many high quality people from a broad range of voting and political backgrounds.

"Our members and supporters have one thing in common - they all want an Australia that is better, not bigger." said Mr Bourke.| ENDS

Contact William Bourke: CLICK HERE

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  • Don Gillies
    commented 2015-11-02 22:16:10 +1100
    William this is sooo good. The Greens haven’t made the connection between environment depletion and overpopulation, and are in favour of a big Australia. “Ordinary people” are starting to notice overpopulation is destroying our quality of life. Thanks for your leadership in this critical issue confronting the human race, which none of the other parties seem able to mention, let alone think about.
  • Martin Tye
    commented 2015-10-30 14:39:25 +1100
    Exciting times for the Sustainable Population Party. At last a viable alternative, a party with a broad, comprehensive and well thought out set of policies aimed at resurrecting our ailing economy, while at the same time improving ‘quality of life’ and protecting the environment. William Bourke is offering voters a choice on possibly the most important issue of our times- population. I hope the people of North Sydney get behind William and his message.