GEORGIA'S BLOG: My introduction to being a Councillor

GEORGIA'S BLOG: My introduction to being a Councillor

Get to know what one of NSW's youngest elected local government Councillors is up to!

So Hi, my name is Georgia Lamb, I am 20 years old, and I am a councillor at North Sydney, in Cammeraygal ward. I came into this position through an internship at Sustainable Australia Party (SAP), being admin work in the head office alongside party president (now) Councillor and Deputy Mayor William Bourke.

When the local elections came closer there was a position open to run for SAP for local council and I had to jump at the chance to possibly implement change in my community - change against the stream of overdevelopment and environmental degradation in the area.

So, for weeks late last year William and I letterboxed and interacted with the public, including standing for hours at a time in public areas handing out flyers. And we got in! A major victory for the party, especially the NSW division.

And now we are steadily but successfully creating change by implementing SAP values into the community, such as objecting to the currently propositioned Northern Beaches Tunnel that would bring noise and air pollution into our neighbourhoods and schools. We are also meeting with the public to discuss local kayak club storage issues due to North Sydney’s limited beach space. It is slow going as politics tends to be, but non-stop with emails, seminars, and briefings, which we will be attending tonight to learn further how to act within the council.

I personally am meeting with senior staff and hopefully soon more members of the public to discuss improving and/or creating green spaces in our neighbourhoods – creating areas for relaxation or a social hotspot away from commercial or industrial presence.  These green spaces are for the public to interact with nature – something we all need in our fast pace modern city lives; and since North Sydney has some forgotten or ‘useless’ empty spaces there is plenty to improve upon here, we only have five community gardens here for God's sake!

Either way, SAP, Councillor Bourke and I have big plans to transform this place to an environmental and sustainable hotspot and inspiration for the greater Sydney, we have 2 years and 9 months left in office so we must make every day count.

Cr Georgia Lamb
Councillor - North Sydney Council
Sustainable Australia Party

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