TAS Candidates - Federal Election


Senate (Upper House)

Todd Dudley

Todd lives in north east Tasmania and has a long history of involvement in nature conservation and land use planning.

He has 35 years experience in on ground bush regeneration/ecological restoration ranging from managing small urban bushland parks to landscape scale restoration of pine plantations back to native forest. He has extensive expertise in environmental law (including land use planning), environmental education and advocacy for nature conservation such as creating new reserves.

Todd believes we urgently need to address the causes of environmental decline in Australia and that this requires a range of complimentary solutions including stabilising our population at a ecologically sustainable level.

He has been involved in many environmental award winning projects including the Society for Ecological Restoration Australasia's International Award for Restoration Excellence.

Daria Lockwood

Daria is passionate about Tasmania. She seeks to ensure smart, sustainable development across the State, with scientifically-supported solutions that consider the long-term impacts on Tasmania’s people, wildlife and environment.

Daria's career history includes extensive experience in procurement, compliance and records management across local and state government.  She is dedicated to ensuring that just and fair processes are applied without exception, and that financial transactions - including donations - are transparent and reportable and conflicts of interest are declared in all instances.

Personal integrity is at the core of Daria’s values, and she is committed to fighting corruption at all levels of government, especially with regard to procurement and developmental planning. Daria is also personally invested in the plight of refugees and the right to humane asylum. 

Campaign issues and policies

In the 2022 federal election, Sustainable Australia Party candidates are campaigning to:

  • Protect our environment
  • Stop overdevelopment
  • Stop corruption

And much more!

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