MEDIA RELEASE: Deputy Mayor contests Willoughby by-election

MEDIA RELEASE: Deputy Mayor contests Willoughby by-election

North Sydney Deputy Mayor William Bourke will contest the Willoughby by-election on February 12 to highlight Sustainable Australia Party’s opposition to the state government’s toxic tunnels, rampant overdevelopment and systemic corruption of the planning system.

“Construction of the privatised Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link will have devastating impacts on our local communities, including the destruction of green space and further clogging of our local road infrastructure through induced demand. Then there is the spewing out of toxic pollution onto our local communities, including primary schools, through unfiltered exhaust stacks.

“We have numerous environmental emergencies including climate change. To be supporting new mega roads in Sydney that lock in car use for generations at the expense of sustainable transport solutions like public transport and integrated bicycle networks is grossly irresponsible.

“Successive state governments have been stripping local communities and their elected representatives of basic planning rights and responsibilities, while simultaneously empowering the construction industry to greatly increase property development heights and densities. Throughout the recent NSW local government elections, the local community was telling me they’re sick of politicians wrecking their suburbs with high-rise overdevelopment and further stretching our already failing infrastructure including schools, hospitals and recreational facilities.

"We live in a finite space and need to redefine growth to mean better, not bigger.

“A vote for Sustainable Australia Party is a vote to protect our environment, stop overdevelopment and stop corruption. This by-election is an opportunity to send a clear message to the state government that, in a real democracy, the interests of the community come before the interests of major political donors,” said Mr Bourke. | Ends

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