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  • Sustainable Australia Party
    commented 2019-04-13 17:44:31 +1000
    Hi All,

    The SAP Voter Van will be attending the following event in Armidale:


    Please come along and support us as we campaign for a sustainable environment!

  • Justine Harris
    rsvped 2018-06-29 14:28:20 +1000
  • Sustainable Australia Party
    commented 2018-03-26 11:32:40 +1100
    Due to Easter, the April monthly local networking meet-up will be on the SECOND Sunday of the month (8/4/18) at 3pm. Would anyone like to propose a venue? SA
  • Sustainable Australia Party
    commented 2017-11-02 18:33:32 +1100
    Please RSVP to the Tamworth event on 12/11 at 3pm here:
  • Justin Ryan
    commented 2017-10-30 10:47:55 +1100
    Anyone living in the New England electorate, we have a networking meeting on Sunday 5th November, 3:00 pm [Edit: Not 12pm as originally posted] in the ‘beer garden’ at The Tamworth Hotel (opposite railway station) to discuss the way forward. We’ll have an event up soon on the Events page to RSVP through…
  • Anthony Osborne
    rsvped 2017-10-29 10:02:59 +1100
  • Anthony Osborne
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  • William Bourke
    commented 2017-10-28 11:14:35 +1100
    Very casual. Anywhere in central Tamworth, such as a pub, where we can reserve a decent sized table (say, in a corner) and be able to hear each other… and has a little space to join a couple of table together if we get more than 10 people.
  • Justin Ryan
    commented 2017-10-27 18:41:00 +1100
    Hmmm, sounds fair… what type of ‘venue’ is suitable though? Should it be private, a booked room, a cafe or a beer garden?
  • William Bourke
    commented 2017-10-27 18:38:34 +1100
    I’ll come up – and promote the event to our database – if you organise a venue. Deal?
  • Justin Ryan
    commented 2017-10-27 18:36:00 +1100
    Maybe, but so far I can only see me and my partner, both from near Armidale. Are there only three people who will be attending? If we are going to get a member for New England then we should meet and discuss it with those that are keen. I might be interested.
  • William Bourke
    commented 2017-10-27 18:30:15 +1100
    Hi Justin, You RSVP’d ‘Justin Ryan rsvped +1’. There is no venue at this point… Would you like to propose a café / bar in Tamworth?
  • Justin Ryan
    commented 2017-10-27 18:22:05 +1100
    Where is the event? Who is organising it? I can’t see the 3rd RSVP?
  • Christine Fyfe
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  • Christine Fyfe
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  • Justin Ryan
    rsvped +1 2017-10-13 12:45:16 +1100
  • Justin Ryan
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  • Sustainable Australia Party
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