Concession Membership


You can pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card through the same payment processor. For the payment option to open and your application to be processed, please:

  • Complete ALL fields and tick all boxes
  • Type "NA" if any field is not applicable (e.g. Apt, middle name)
  • USE A UNIQUE EMAIL ADDRESS (i.e. not used by a current SAP member, or it will override their profile)

  • Provide your full legal name (e.g. Katherine, not Kate, including middle name)
  • Provide your DOB
  • Provide your enrolled residential address (please separately provide any PO Box through the 'Contact Us' page)

The application will not process unless all fields and sections are completed.

Once you have completed ALL fields, click on the 'Pay with a card or PayPal' button, then choose to either Paypal or debit/credit card:

  1. 'Login to Paypal'; or
  2. 'Pay with card' (no PayPal account required - see below image):

REPEAT: Please use a unique email address for every application (i.e. not used by another/current SAP member).



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