2021 Wollongong City Council election

Sustainable Australia Party is an independent community movement from the political centre, with a positive plan for an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable Australia. SAP supports a science and evidence-based approach to policy - not a left or right wing ideology.

Importantly, SAP advocates for more trustworthy and transparent governance through greater community consultation, including via community-initiated citizen juries and plebiscites/referenda (polls) on key issues.

SAP is campaigning to:

  • Protect our environment
  • Stop overdevelopment
  • Stop corruption

There's also much more in our broad policy platform.

Andrew Anthony for Wollongong City Council

Lead candidate - Ward 2

Andrew Anthony - Lead Candidate (Centre), Sue de Vive (Right), John Gill (Left) 

Born and raised in Wollongong, Andrew has been a passionate campaigner for the environment and social justice in the community.

Andrew is a strong believer in grassroots democracy and community participation in decision making. Before serving a term on Council from 2004-2008, and was convenor of his local Neighbourhood Committee and volunteered his time on a number of council committees.

As a councillor Andrew was an avid supporter of council's Bushcare and Environmental Sustainability projects and hopes to continue the fight for sensible sustainable planning in Wollongong and safeguarding the Illawarra escarpment and foreshore from overdevelopment.

During his term, Andrew blew the whistle on dodgy council planning processes and helped expose cosy relationships between developers, councillors and planning staff. He has publicly called for a ban on political donations to reduce the risk of corruption and undue influence on politicians.

Andrew is a founding member of the Illawarra Bicycle User Group and a member of the Sustainable Industries Development Institute.

In his spare time, Andrew enjoys bushwalking, cycling, tinkering with technology, photography, classical music, vegetarian cooking, TV Sci-fi, political dramas and pretty much any news or current affairs program on the ABC.

Andrew studied Electrical Engineering and Business Management, and currently works as an Information Communications Technology Consultant.

On a global scale, Andrew sees land clearing, deforestation and climate change as major challengers. Andrew supports the uptake of renewable energy and teaching people about sustainable living to ensure future generations will be able appreciate the world in the same way we do.


More information coming soon...

Campaign issues and policies

In the 2021 Wollongong Council election, Andrew Anthony and all Sustainable Australia Party candidates are campaigning to protect our environment, stop overdevelopment and stop corruption:

Protect our environment

  • Seek protection of the escarpment, waterways and foreshore from overdevelopment, including a Illawarra Escarpment National Park to ensure long term protection of our precious asset.
  • Preserve and enhance our beautiful outdoor spaces including our parks, bushland and harbour areas and revitalised McCabe Park as a vibrant centrepiece for the city.
  • Promote Green Living and Green Jobs.
  • Take real action on climate change at a local level, including stronger laws to prevent inappropriate land and tree-clearing.
  • Adopt a biodiversity and native species program including land and marine animal habitat protection.
  • Aim for a 2025 zero waste outcome by reducing then eliminating local waste production and increasing recycling and repair capabilities. Build a recycling facility in Wollongong to recycle materials hear rather than shipping them overseas.
  • Support sustainable transport initiatives including:
    • Expand the free bus service to include a route along the Highway from the CBD to Figtree & Unanderra.
    • Expediate the installation of lifts at Unanderra station.
    • Better and safer bicycle networks & pedestrian infrastructure, including a fully connected network of shared cycling and pathways along the coast and around Lake Illawarra.
  • Showcase Wollongong as a tourist destination highlighting our unique natural environment & relaxing lifestyle.
  • Beautify the CBD and keep Wollongong Mall pedestrian friendly.

Stop overdevelopment

  • Support sensible, well-designed development and introduce strong, strategic planning practices that ensure all developments are sensitive to the surrounding precinct.
  • Review the Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and Development Control Plans to limit the bulk and scale of high-rise development and avoid Wollongong becoming another Gold Coast.
  • Deliver new community infrastructure before more housing density is approved (including new schools, hospitals, public transport, roads, recreational and sporting facilities, green space, etc).
  • Protect heritage listed buildings that are constantly under threat from developers. Encourage applications for new heritage listings.
  • Develop a strategy to alleviate the impacts of future flood events. Ensure future development does not adversely contribute to flooding.

Stop corruption and increase transparency

  • Campaign to ban all property developer donations and contributions to political parties and all candidates - including at federal level, which is often used to support state or local government candidates.
  • Consult with the community on any major projects before Council and take the feedback and concerns of residents seriously in the decision-making process.
  • Strengthen the role of the Neighbourhood Forums by providing them with the information and resources to be an effective voice for the community.
  • Act with honesty, integrity and impartiality.

And much more...

More to come during the campaign... please let us know if you have any other local community issues or feedback!

SAP's federal policy platform can be found here:


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