Candidates - 2021 WA State Election

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Legislative Council regions (Upper House)

SAP is running (two) candidates in every Upper House region, so that every West Australian can vote SAP.


Candidates (most of whom work full-time) can be contacted as follows:

  • Website: Contact Us page above
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: Aaron (campaign organiser) 0424 107 123

South Metropolitan region

Ryan Oostryck

Ryan Oostryck has been a resident of the South Metropolitan Region his entire life, and currently resides in South Perth, which has given him a thorough understanding of the area and its issues. Ryan has also spent plenty of time in regional WA, especially Coral Bay where his family holiday frequently, and worked FIFO at various mine sites throughout the State, giving him a strong grasp of regional issues too.

Ryan is passionate about sustainable development, holding a Bachelor of Arts in Sustainable Development and a Graduate Diploma in Renewable Energy from Murdoch University. He also works as an Environment Manager for a multinational service provider, championing their global sustainability program within Australia.

Ryan’s current and present community volunteering includes Foodbank WA, Murdoch University Guild, and various Coastcare and Landcare groups around Perth.

His pastimes include beach volleyball, scuba diving, camping, and playing guitar and drums.

Meet Ryan:

Jane Loveday

Jane is a long-term member of SAP, and believes in creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly society. She has a doctorate in urban heat from Curtin University and a Masters of Applied Science in environmental aerosols from Queensland University of Technology.  She works in a number of science and sustainability fields including revegetation projects with school children and community waste education. Jane is also a part time laboratory assistant at her local high school, where she chairs the Sustainability Committee.

Jane has a husband and two adult children, who all strive to implement sustainable practices in their daily lives. She enjoys gardening with native plants, camping, swimming and playing beach volleyball.

South West region

Daniel Minson

Daniel believes in a vision for Australia where society is striving to improve the well-being and happiness of individuals and communities. He believes government and politics have a role to play by balancing the environmental, social and economic considerations in decision making, while pursuing a sustainable future for Australia.

Daniel completed a degree in civil engineering at Curtin University and graduated with honours and received the top student prize in construction technologies. He then worked as a consultant in the land development industry and proceeded to work as a water resource engineer in both private and public organisations. Daniel has volunteered abroad delivering irrigation infrastructure to drought affected communities in Africa.

Daniel enjoys nature, especially anything near and in the water. He spends his free time with family and friends.

Meet Dan:

Heather Scott

Heather has been self-employed for nearly her whole working life and is regarded as a “master” within the embroidery trade.  She is a keen hobbyist in sewing and prefers to make her own clothes. She is also a dedicated vegan and environmental causes supporter.

Heather is a long-time volunteer in a range of environmental and social projects, including currently being a committee member of a community garden. She enjoys spending time at her property in the South West. Her interests include community gardens, recycling and animal welfare. Heather is passionate about the environment and believes the policies of SAP will help protect our beautiful and unique environment in WA.

North Metropolitan region

Colin Scott

Colin Scott is a long-time local resident, small business operator and community volunteer living in North Perth. He has graduate and post-graduate qualifications in health from Curtin University and started his working career as a registered nurse with WA Health (12 years).

Colin is the co-founder of local environment group rehabilitating Swan River water tributaries as well as the long-time North Perth local coordinator for Clean Up Australia Day. He is the instigator of the first Australia-wide community garden conference.

Colin previously started a local ratepayers group to give a voice to residents and served on the executive of his local Parents & Citizens Association. He is now a small business owner in a 20 year local business venture.

Colin is a committed father and husband and was a baton bearer in Queen's Baton Relay for 2018 Commonwealth Games. Colin previously stood as a SAP candidate in the 2018 Perth (federal) by-election and as a Senate candidate in the 2019 federal election.

Meet Colin:

Michael Ferrinda

Candidate information coming soon...

East Metropolitan region

Nicole Watts

Nicole is a local of the East Metropolitan region and has a keen interest in the environment. She understands the importance of stopping over-development to protect our environment by prioritising ecological sustainability to better protect, manage and restore Australia's fragile and unique natural environment for the health and wellbeing of the humans and biodiversity within it. Nicole would like to achieve greater housing affordability for first home buyers and renters, whilst conserving Australia’s built heritage and striving for relatively stable house prices.

Nicole has a Bachelor of Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Western Australia. She is a passionate mental health advocate. Nicole has previously volunteered for the RSPCA and Red Cross.

Nicole has two young children. Nicole’s interests include veterans’ affairs, mental health and literature / writing.

Keith 'Cobber' Lethbridge

Keith was a councillor at the City of Armadale (WA) for 4 years from 2007. He is a counsellor (Diploma of Counselling) and Justice of the Peace. Keith is currently employed 18 hours a week by Hope Community Services in their street van service, supporting and assisting those in need. He holds a Certificate IV of Aboriginal Primary Health Care Practice and is and member of Marmun Mia-Mia Aboriginal Corporation.

Keith is a member of the Western Australian Bush Poets and Yarn Spinning Association and has travelled and worked throughout Australia in various occupations, including a farm hand, truck driver and public servant for State & Commonwealth in working with Aboriginal people on their projects, such as cattle stations, health services and community development.

Meet Keith in 'Bush Poet Keith Lethbridge - Cobber for Prime Minister':

Agricultural region

Greg Norris

Greg is a local of York, has a Bachelor of Business and is actively involved in the community. He is a volunteer firefighter at both brigades in York. He is also the deputy chair of the York Community Social Centre. He likes to volunteer for groups who help people and improve our local communities. 

Greg has a passion for sustainable living and believes the policies of SAP will help make Australia a more sustainable country. Alongside his volunteer work, Greg is currently building a new home from the ground up! One of Greg’s life achievements was to sail South East Asia with his wife on their yacht from Hobart, returning to Perth in 2016.

Greg would like to see SAP candidates in parliaments across Australia, representing their constituents instead of the business as usual corrupt politics we have currently at the expense of everyday Australians and our precious environment.

James Fowler

James is passionate about improving the way in which Australia manages sustainable development and believes that greater strategy is required to achieve long term sustainable growth. Having seen the way in which development is occurring across the state, and that it is becoming increasingly sprawled, James believes greater planning is required to both minimise needless environmental clearing, as well as reduce the increasing load on utilities that is created in providing to these sprawling developments.

James completed a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Curtin University, graduating with Honours. Following graduation, James has worked in volunteer organisations and most recently in a public water utility.

James’ hobbies include rock climbing, scuba diving, carpentry/blacksmithing, gardening and socialising with friends and family (usually in playing board games).

Mining and Pastoral region

Brian Mollan

Brian emigrated to Australia in 1970. Prior to that, he was in the UK military for 10 years, six of which were spent flying helicopters. In his early years in Australia, Brian spent five years flying civilian helicopters, on off-shore oil and on-shore mineral exploration. During this time, Brian was a FIFO worker in the Pilbara and the Kimberleys. Brian held pilot licenses in both Australia and the UK. Changing careers, Brian moved into real estate, running his own business for 35 years. He also has a certificate in Real Estate Management.

Brian is passionate about the environment. For the last 10 years, he has been an active advocate for, and personal practitioner of, sustainability. He has been a member of Kalamunda Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade for the last 15 years, and previously chaired a recreational sporting club for 12 years. Brian has three grown up children and three grandsons.

Anthony Park

Anthony has a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Mechanical Engineering. During his working career, he was a trainer in technical and computer areas and worked in Asia, North America and Siberia as a Maintenance Consultant. He is currently the secretary of the WAGS chapter of the Australian Campervan and Motorhome Club. He was also a foundation member of the Australind Rotary Club.

Anthony has lived in Western Australia since 1980 including five years in Wickham with his four young children. 

Three years ago Anthony took his motorhome on a one year trip around Australia and what he saw opened his eyes to the need for much stricter scrutiny on how we treat our precious countryside.

Anthony is passionate about the protection of Australia’s unique flora and fauna against overdevelopment. Anthony believes SAP policies will help achieve sustainability in all aspects of Australian life.

His pastimes are travelling all over Western Australia in his classic motorhome and playing Petanque or Boules.


Candidates (most of whom work full-time) can be contacted as follows:

  • Website: Contact Us page above
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: Aaron (campaign organiser) 0424 107 123

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