Victoria Local Council Elections 2020


Due to COVID-19, SAP is running a limited local government campaign, in the following LGAs:

> City of Melbourne

> Council election group

Richard Belcher

Richard has lived and or worked in and around the Melbourne area for the past 20 years. He currently resides in West Melbourne and enjoys the cosmopolitan feel of the area but feels that it has reached its growth limit. He envisages a sensible, sustainable revitalisation of the local economy. Not one driven by growth but with sensible investment in small business and appropriate infrastructure. Richard would also like to see more tree planting to combat the urban “heat island” effect and to make Melbourne an even more pleasant place to live.

He's also looking forward to more local al fresco dining experiences once we come out of lockdown!

Bettina Terry

Group statement - Richard and Bettina

Dear Resident

We live and work within the boundaries of Melbourne City Council.

We are standing for election to Council because we are very concerned about the overdevelopment occurring in our city and the way the views of local residents on planning issues are systematically ignored.

The disappearance of Melbourne’s heritage and green space is something we must stop. We have seen the loss of front yards and back yards and fear our city is slowly but surely being turned into a high-rise concrete jungle. All the research about climate change and the urban heat island effect tells us we need to keep all the trees and open space we can, for both our physical and mental health. Some Councillors make the right noises, but the trees and vegetation keep disappearing – and the high-rise apartments keep going up.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the coronavirus pandemic, it is that high-rise and dense populations are unsafe and unhealthy. Epidemiologists the world over are saying this. It’s no accident that people in New York were dying at the rate of one every two minutes.

And if there’s one thing we learned from the IBAC Inquiry into Casey Council, it’s that property developers are happy to give money to Councillors and State MPs to advance their cause. Make no mistake – we will support residents, not property developers.

We are endorsed candidates for the Sustainable Australia Party, which is strongly opposed to overdevelopment and corruption.

We need Councillors who will stand up for residents against the cosy deals of the State Government and property developer lobby, and oppose their unsustainable growth, with its massive infrastructure costs and accompanying rate rises. That requires change.

Let’s also revitalise small business by reducing unnecessary compliance costs, and thereby deliver a fairer marketplace for the backbone of our economy. We urge Council to better support local small business and locally made products through Council purchases and public marketing campaigns.

Vote for change. Vote to protect our environment and quality of life. Vote to stop overdevelopment and corruption. Vote Sustainable.


Richard Belcher and Bettina Terry

> City of Monash

Lynnette Saloumi - Glen Waverley Ward

Let me be your voice in Council. Approachable and pragmatic, I will continue to be diligent in achieving the best value outcomes for the Glen Waverley Ward Ratepayers.

I believe Councillors should be truly representative of residents / ratepayers and should listen and react to our concerns. As a resident of Glen Waverley since 1996, and Councillor since 2016, I am prepared for the role of Councillor with a lifetime of experiences from which to draw knowledge and skills. My career has encompassed a range of industries – across three states.

I’ve worked for multinationals, nationals and small private organisations; Local, State and Commonwealth of Governments; Not For Profits and been a retail business owner.


> City of Port Phillip

Steven Armstrong - Canal Ward

More information coming soon.

Dennis Bilic - Canal Ward

More information coming soon.

> City of Stonnington

Michaela Moran - East Ward

I am standing for election to Stonnington Council - East Ward - because I am concerned about overdevelopment in our neighbourhood and the way residents’ opposition to planning issues have been systematically ignored.
I grew up in East Malvern and moved back with my own family because we love this area and its community.
The disappearance of heritage homes, gardens and green spaces is something we all should be concerned about. All the research about climate change and the urban heat island effect tells us we need to keep all the trees and open space we can, for both our physical and mental health.

Key dates

  • Tuesday–Thursday 6–8 October - Ballot packs are distributed by post to every enrolled person in a random order over three days.
  • Friday 23 October (6pm) - Close of voting (all by post - there is no voting on the 24 October 'election day' for this postal election. Ballot papers must be in the mail or in the hands of the Returning Officer by 6pm.)
  • Friday 30 October (12pm) - Extended postal vote receipt period
  • Sunday 25 October to Friday 6 November - Counting (with declaration by 13 November)

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