Victoria 2018

BREAKING: SAP wins Upper House seat

Sustainable Australia (VIC)

Sustainable Australia has now successfully registered our Victorian State party to contest the state election on 24 November 2018.

Sustainable Australia (VIC) will be campaigning for secure jobs, affordable housing, better planning, and a sustainable environment and population.

In particular, our Victorian election campaign will campaign for better planning to stop overdevelopment. Here is Sustainable Australia's November 2018 VIC State election ballot paper logo:

How can we achieve better planning to stop over-development?

For starters, return real power to local communities in planning decisions and end rapid population growth by lowering Australia's annual immigration intake from 200,000 back to the long term average of 70,000. See our PLANNING policies:


We are running 27 candidates in the Victorian election, including every Upper House region. For candidates, click on the image below.

Contact candidates: CLICK HERE