VIC Adult Membership

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Contributions are tax deductible.

NB: Current federal party members should not use this page. Instead please make a Donation in lieu of annual membership fees.

New members

A new VIC Adult party membership joining fee is $10 (incl. GST). Annual membership fees are then optional, and paid in the form of a donation by 30 June every year.

Note: You can pay with PayPal or a credit card.

Once you have input your $ amount and other details, click on the green 'PAY WITH CREDIT CARD or PAYPAL' button, then choose to either:

  1. 'Login to Paypal'; or
  2. 'Pay with credit or debit card' (no PayPal account required).

Each new member must use a unique email address (i.e. not used by a current member).
Please complete all fields (including DOB and middle name) and tick all boxes in the 'Your Info' stage (Type "NA" if a field is not applicable).
Please supply your enrolled residential address (not PO Box - you can separately email this through 'Contact Us').