Terrigal 2023 - Sustainable Australia Party

Legislative Assembly (Lower House)

Terrigal candidate - Wayne Rigg

Wayne was born in Sydney, growing up in the western suburbs. He attended the University of NSW, attaining a Science Education degree, then taught for a while before studying and practising Chinese medicine and Reiki. He moved with his family to Canberra in 1998 for 14 years, taking up Science and Maths teaching again, before moving to the Central Coast in 2012. Before moving he established a successful home tutoring business in Canberra which is now run from his new home. 

Wayne has always had a keen interest and appreciation of the environment and nature generally. Once a keen surfer, he is now more of a beach goer, gardener and bush walker! Since the 70s Wayne has been very aware of the challenges facing our environment and also the pressures which tend to degrade our quality of life, even though there are a range of alternative options which would also deliver economic prosperity while maintaining sustainable jobs, and an environment that supports people as well as our fauna and flora. He firmly believes we have a choice, that it is a myth that more is necessarily better, and there are ways of achieving prosperity, healthy human centred development, as well as a sustainable Australia.

Legislative Council (Upper House)

  • Lead candidate - Councillor William Bourke

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