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Kelvin Thomson
State Director

The Hon. Kelvin Thomson served as an Australian Labor Party Councillor for the City of Coburg from 1981 to 1988, Member of the Victorian Parliament for Pascoe Vale from 1988 to 1996, and Federal Labor Member for Wills for over 20 years from 1996 until the 2016 Election.

Kelvin has extensive knowledge of all three levels of government. His campaign experience - he stood for public office 12 times in his career and was successful on each occasion - and his policy development expertise, having been a Shadow Minister for the Environment and Shadow Attorney General amongst other Shadow Ministries and parliamentary roles, make him an accomplished media spokesperson.

Kelvin is currently the Chief of Staff to Sustainable Australia Party's Victorian Upper House MP Clifford Hayes.

Kelvin Thomson played a key role in kick-starting the population debate in Australia 10 years ago, with a speech he gave in Parliament in August 2009, and with a media release he put out in September 2009, in response to Treasury figures showing that Australia's population would be 35 million by 2049, a massive jump from the previous projection of 28 million by 2049, made just a couple of years earlier. He described this as a recipe for environmental disaster and called for population reform.

You can find an example of Kelvin's recent media interviews here.


Richard Belcher
State Organiser

Richard was born in Far North Queensland, schooled in Albury and spent most of his adult life in Melbourne.

Richard’s background is in retail and will be working to raise the party's profile across Melbourne and Victoria.

You can contact Richard on 0497 007 374.


Clifford Hayes MP
Member of Legislative Council

I have spent over forty years in the film and television industry as an editor and producer. I worked for a large television production company in the early days of my career after which, I freelanced or worked for production and post-production companies which I owned and managed, either as a partner or as a director of my own company. I worked mainly on film drama or TV drama and comedy.

I entered politics when I was elected to Council in 2005 for the City of Bayside, on the sole issue of opposing high rise development which was a major issue at that time in our neighbourhood. That was when I was first alerted to the alarming population figures and the effect it was having on our city and our country in so many ways. I ran in the State election as an independent for the seat of Brighton in 2007.  I went on to become Mayor of Bayside, always fighting for better planning and infrastructure outcomes and pointing to our rapid population and immigration growth problem.

I joined Sustainable Australia in 2010 and ran for the Senate in 2012 and Victorian Legislative Council in 2018.

I remain connected and active in local planning groups.

You can find Clifford's website here.