Officials - VIC

Victorian Officials

Stephen Tighe BA MPPG
State Administrator - Victoria

Stephen was appointed in March 2021. He has 20 years' experience in regulatory affairs, notably working at the anti-money laundering regulator and financial intelligence unit, AUSTRAC, from 2006-2014 and in the mutual banking sector from 2018-2020.

Stephen is a father of three gorgeous kids and one shaggy dog. Originally from Brisbane, he moved to Melbourne in 1999 and considers himself a proud Victorian.

He is especially passionate about ending corruption in Australia, resuscitating Australian democracy, re-engaging citizens in the political process, and stopping the destruction of our beautiful landscapes and habitats through overdevelopment.

He is also an active musician and speaks semi-fluent German.

Stephen holds a Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary European Studies (BA) from Griffith University, a Master of Public Policy & Governance (MPPG) from Deakin University and is mid-way through his candidature for a Master of Arts in Political & International Studies (MA) at the University of New England.

You can contact Stephen at [email protected] or on 0412 125 170 (email preferred). Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

Richard Belcher
Victorian Organiser

Richard was born in Far North Queensland, schooled in Albury and spent most of his adult life in Melbourne. Richard’s background is in retail and will be working to raise the party's profile across Melbourne and Victoria.

You can contact Richard on 0497 007 374.