Officials - VIC

2018/19 Victorian Committee (Nominations)

On 12/05/18 the following committee positions were confirmed at the Sustainable Australia (VIC) AGM:

Reade Smith

Reade Smith is a former Senior Constable with the Victoria Police, having been stationed at a number of Police Stations including 4.5 years at Frankston. He retired from The Victoria Police to manage a Frankston based youth leadership and empowerment program called Youth At Risk.

Reade has 12 years local government experience as a former Shire Councillor with Mornington Peninsula Shire Council from 2000 to 2012 and was Mayor in 2005. He is concerned about climate change and environmental issues and as a result represented the Mornington Peninsula shire as a Director of the UNESCO Western Port Biosphere. Reade represented the Mornington Peninsula shire on the Inter Council Aboriginal Consultative Committee for 4 years.

In 2000 Reade was co-opted onto the council of his former high school, Mt Eliza Secondary School College, for 8 years where he gained knowledge of the secondary school system.

Reade is passionate about creating an environmentally sustainable, socially Just and economically healthy society. He has experience as a candidate and campaigner in local, State and Federal elections.

Reade and his partner Amanda will soon be celebrating their 20th anniversary. He has 2 adult daughters and 5 grandchildren, thus his desire to create a more Sustainable Australia. He is currently employed as a local laws officer at South Eastern Local Council and lives on the Mornington Peninsula.


Richard Palmer

I was born in Sydney's leafy north-west where I spent 22 years before relocating to Melbourne for work. After graduating with a business degree majoring in economics I started my career as a graduate in the oil and gas industry and have since worked across many industries in various corporate roles focused on major project and program management. As a management consultant I worked extensively with government at both state and federal level across education, health, human services and defence. Currently, I run the enterprise Project Management Office for a large beverages company. 

I have been a member of Sustainable Australia for approximately 10 months. I joined the party as a result of my concern for environmental sustainability and loss of biodiversity as well as various economic issues including housing affordability, intergenerational fairness and economic diversification.

I believe the current political and economic climate and the continued shortcomings of the major parties creates a unique opportunity for SA to increase our presence, provide a genuine independent alternative and achieve representation at both the state and federal levels.


Anthony Cresswell

Anthony is a finance professional with over 10 years experience working as an analyst for a number of private companies and government institutions including the Department of treasury and finance (Victoria). Anthony has university qualifications in both Commerce and statistics. Most recently Anthony worked as a fleet risk specialist for a multi-national leasing company.

Anthony has been a member of Sustainable Australia for 12 months. He was attracted to the party by its policy stance in wanting to reduce Australia's currently excessive immigration intake back to a 'sustainable level' and to preserve Australians’ standard of living. He also supports the party’s policies in helping to discourage speculative activity in the housing market, prioritising new public transport projects over road projects, encouraging the expansion of renewable energy supply into wholesale energy markets as well as the continued prohibition of coal seam gas exploration.

Anthony was a former member and candidate of the Palmer United party and ran in the 2014 Victorian state election as a legislative council candidate within the Southern Metropolitan voting region.

By joining the committee, Anthony took a leading role in promoting and growing the Sustainable Australia brand throughout Victoria in the lead up to the 2018 Victoria state election, as well as ensuring for our members that all party decisions are enacted in an accountable and democratic manner as per the constitution.


Sophie Paterson
Committee Member

Bio coming soon...


Lynette Saloumi
Committee Member

Bio coming soon...


Suzanne (Sue) James
Committee Member

I was a School Librarian for 32 years and bred Highland Cattle for seven of those years.

I am very keen to protect the countryside for our native animals and farm land for our future production of food. We cannot allow the richest land in Australia to be used for housing an increasing population. I also support several associations that protect wildlife both in Australia and overseas.

I joined Sustainable Australia soon after it was formed. I consider that we need to have a presence in the Parliament if we are going to have any influence on the politicians and their decisions particularly in the areas of Immigration, Economy and the Environment. I have been on the Committee since it was formed.



Clifford Hayes
Committee Member

I have spent over forty years in the film and television industry as an editor and producer. I worked for a large television production company in the early days of my career after which, I freelanced or worked for production and post-production companies which I owned and managed, either as a partner or as a director of my own company. I worked mainly on film drama or TV drama and comedy.

I entered politics when I was elected to Council in 2005 for the City of Bayside, on the sole issue of opposing high rise development which was a major issue at that time in our neighbourhood. That was when I was first alerted to the alarming population figures and the effect it was having on our city and our country in so many ways. I ran in the State election as an independent for the seat of Brighton in 2007.  I went on to become Mayor of Bayside, always fighting for better planning and infrastructure outcomes and pointing to our rapid population and immigration growth problem.

I joined Sustainable Australia in 2010 and ran for the Senate in 2012. I still remain connected and active in local planning groups.


Christopher (Kit) James
Committee Member

I am an anaesthetist in busy public and private practice. I am also a board member of my private anaesthetic group and on the drug committee at The Womens Hospital in Parkville. Every day I see the adverse effects of our rapid population growth upon our stressed health system.

I see the population issue through the lenses of resource depletion, climate change, food security and protection of our native ecosystems. There is much that can be done to ameliorate the quagmire of economic, environmental and social problems that derives from "business as usual". Political debate and process has a useful role in this and I think that Sustainable Australia could be a major voice in this debate. But for this we need parliamentary representation.

I joined Sustainable Australia in the first months of its existence and have been on the Victorian state committee since it formed. 

I have been on environmental group committees for about 5 years, as Secretary and Treasurer. I have organisational skills and enjoy contributing to the committee.