2019 NSW Election Candidates - Legislative Assembly

The NSW Legislative Assembly (LA) ballot paper looks like this:

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Sustainable Australia is running in some local Legislative Assembly seats. You can contact them here and they can be found in alphabetical (electorate) order below:


Ross Hamilton

Glenroy, NSW

A relative newcomer to Albury, Ross grew up in the leafy outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne. While his home suburb once offered the opportunity to raise a family with a garden and quiet streets, the quarter acre blocks are steadily being over developed and priced out of reach of young Australians. 

Ross moved to Albury in 2017 and enjoys the access to the outdoors offered by regional living. Upon arriving, he was astounded to hear that locals go camping 15 minutes from home and rarely know the frustration of having to wait for more than one red light in a day. Ross would like to see this precious lifestyle protected for future generations. 

Professionally, Ross works as an osteopath and would like to see health services improved in rural and regional areas.  


Lisa McDermott

Ballina, NSW

Lisa grew up in Sydney and spent holidays on the North Coast with her grandmother who had a farm with remnant rainforest and a creek where she developed bush regeneration and drawing skills; a love for gardening and the natural environment.

Lisa has a varied background as an artist, musician, horticulturist and has worked for environmental organisations Greening Australia and the Nature Conservation Council, an umbrella organisation for over 100 scientific and environmental groups in NSW including Sustainable Population Australia. It is this group that hit home the link between population pressures and environmental problems. Reading the book ‘Overloading Australia’ motivated her to join the party, which would like to see solutions to water shortages & incentives for doctors, teachers and essential services to stay in remote areas rather than people moving mainly to the coast, resulting in increasing rents and suburbanising the countryside.

Retired in Ballina, Lisa enjoys bush walking, meditation and yoga and is still passionate about sustainability issues especially saving land for wildlife. She urges voters in this state election to choose parties that aim to strengthen, not weaken the laws that protect our public forests and threatened species habitat from logging and land clearing.

The Sustainable Australia party policies will best protect our biodiversity and quality of life.


Angela Dunnett

Annandale, NSW

A combination of family history, education and employment has brought Angela to run as a candidate for Sustainable Australia Party. Angela holds degrees in Science, Teaching and a Masters of Environment. She has worked as a Science and Environmental Educator for over 20 years. 

Angela grew up in Sydney and has observed the widening inequities and a destruction of the environment over the years. Where her grandparents lived during the depression with vegies and chooks in their back yards, there is now high-rise and roads too busy to walk near. Angela's grandparents and her dad instilled in her that you should not take the good times for granted because you don’t know what life may deal you around the corner. Angela is concerned about the worsening air pollution in the Sydney basin and the building of high-rise and roads against the science of health impacts.

Australia needs good planning and a population debate. Delivering safe affordable housing and secure employment via a diverse economy for Australians must be a priority for our politicians. Angela will work with the Sustainable Australia Party to help deliver better outcomes for the environment, planning, economy and housing for all Australians.


Maree McDonald-Pritchard

Wean, NSW

Maree divides her time between volunteer conservation work in the Wean Hills and visiting and assisting family on the South Coast. Throughout her career she has worked for several banks as well as Sydney Trains. Maree is now retired. She joined Sustainable Australia Party as she believes we have to start listening to the environment before we all become refugees.


Michael Begg

Eglinton, NSW

Michael is passionate about our environment and way of life in Australia. He is a real estate valuer, on-call fire fighter and farmer. Michael runs his farm in accordance with his beliefs in sustainability and improvement over time. His neighbour has been inspired by his work restoring the habitat along the creek on his property. Michael believes a city is only as good as the trees in it.

Previously he was a Councillor on Blue Mountains City Council. Michael is disgusted by the state of our environmental protection, weakened by the present government. It is this that has prompted him to give his electorate a sensible alternative.

Baulkham Hills

Heather Boyd

Baulkham Hills, NSW


Heather has lived in the Hills district since the early 1980's. Music has always been her career and her passion, and she holds a Bachelor of Music from Sydney Conservatorium. Currently teaching piano at Georges River Grammar School, she also has a busy home-based studio. She is a church organist, and has performed professionally on pipe organ on many occasions. In her spare time she enjoys tennis and bushwalking.

A member of Sustainable Australia since 2013, she is particularly concerned with our nation's rapid population growth and the over-development of our major cities, with its impact on our natural environment.

Blue Mountains

Richard Marschall

Blaxland, NSW

Richard and his wife have been residents of the Blue Mountains for over 25 years. During that time he has been involved in many campaigns to protect our precious local natural environment and prevent over-development.  Richard also serves the community as an active volunteer member of the Blue Mountains Group Support RFS Brigade.

Being acutely aware of the importance of education, Richard has lectured at three NSW universities and several overseas ones on financial mathematics, management, engineering, and media creation.  He is an active professional member of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) and the Australian Screen Sound Guild (ASSG).

With 37 years experience in senior management over a range of heavy industrial and high technology enterprises he continues to consult in these areas.

Richard is convinced deforestation and global warming are the biggest risks to our environment, society, and very survival.


Danica Sajn

Elderslie, NSW

I have lived most of my life in south-western Sydney after moving here with my family from Blacktown in the 1970s. Up until the year 2000, changes of course came, but were relatively slow. However, now the Macarthur region is straining considerably since the onslaught of ceaseless development has made our region one of the fastest growing regions in Australia. The provision of infrastructure and services such as transport, hospitals and schools, has not however followed. Such incredibly fast population growth is not only a considerable strain on the environment, it also further entrenches the inequality that is to be found in the ‘great Sydney divide’.

Both of my parents were migrants from war-torn Europe arriving in Australia in the late 50s and early 60s. Both mum and dad were from farming families and loved living on 5 acres in Edmondson Park where they skilfully and with much hard work produced much of their own produce for their family.

I studied science and education after attending Casula and Hurlstone Agricultural High Schools. My studies eventually led me to become a local science teacher for many years, though my heart always remained with my first love, environmental biology. I eventually furthered my studies firstly in business and then gained a Master of Environmental Law form the ANU. Currently I run my own small business in Narellan.

Living in this area for as long as my family has makes you very knowledgeable about its needs and aspirations. The changes foisted on us since 2000 have been unprecedented with thousands upon thousands of new housing being largely plonked on thousands of acres of freshly cleared farmland and bushland. We are struggling to maintain a sense of community and our services and infrastructure are visibly straining. And yet the current governments have only more such plans for our region – and little else. This is why I believe that Sustainable Australia is the Party of the future and I look forward to solutions which probably only this Party is capable of delivering.


Michael Clark

Austral, NSW


Michael has lived his entire life in the south west of Sydney and with both his parents being WWII veterans, he was taught the values of honesty, integrity and respect from an early age. Michael began working in 1980 where he eventually found myself in a life career in a manufacturing industry located in Ingleburn where he worked his way up from the factory floor to the position of  Finance Director. Formally educated in many facets of finance and manufacturing, Michael is fully aware of how important a diverse manufacturing value adding base is for jobs and our economy.

Currently retired, Michael enjoys keeping bees, amateur astronomy and amateur wine making, where many awards have been won. He likes to think therefore that he has a close relationship with the environment and believes we as humans need to work hand in hand with it to understand that we live within the environment, not apart from it.

Michael joined the Sustainable Australia Party in 2010 as he was very concerned with the maddening rush of development and environmental degradation. After witnessing the passing of 9 years, the situation has gotten no better and Michael believes it is time for a significant change.

Castle Hill

Herman Kuipers

Glenhaven, NSW


Herman Kuipers grew up in the Castle Hill electorate originally living in Castle Hill and then later moving to Glenhaven. His family has had a long association with the Hills District having lived in the area since the late nineteen sixties. Herman has qualifications in Agricultural Science and Education. He is a passionate Drummer, Musician and Music Educator with a particular interest in jazz and big band music.

Herman joined Sustainable Australia as he is concerned about the effects of over-development on the environment and the impact this will have on future generations. He feels strongly that better planning and adequate infrastructure needs to be in place before development occurs


Steven Russell

Cameron Park, NSW


Steven has lived in the Newcastle area all his life, 23 years of that time living in the Cessnock electorate in Cameron Park. Steven worked for 23 years at the Newcastle Steel Works. Since the closure of the steel works, he now works in the coal industry as a mining service technician contractor.

Steven is an active participant in O35 Football and is keenly interested in cycling, park run, motor sports and a strong follower of the Newcastle Jets and Knights Football teams. He is very close to his family and loves spending time with his immediate and extended family.

Steven became involved with Sustainable Australia about three years ago after growing concerns of overdevelopment and the reliance by governments on immigration as a means to generate growth. Steven feels that living standards and quality of life are in decline because of stagnant wages, ever increasing costs, unaffordable housing particularly for young people and the overdevelopment of many suburbs in and around Newcastle and greater Newcastle area.

Steven has a balanced view on the environment and development. He feels that growth should occur primarily through improvements in technology, innovation and increases in productivity rather than the reliance on the crush loading of our cities through immigration. Steven feels that immigration is important to the nation but not at the current levels.

He has the view that renewable power is important but recognises that if Governments continue to rely on mass immigration that renewable power alone will not be sufficient to maintain our quality of life and the advantage that business requires to maintain sufficient profits to operate and employ people will be lost.


Thom Kotis


Thom Kotis is an active member of the community. He is passionate about improvement and change and is committed to evolving, always striving to improve both personally, and professionally. Thom has worked in both private and public sectors to a management level. His passion has led him to several roles including social worker, administrator, coach and trainer. Currently Thom is working to promote the jiu jitsu lifestyle and develop healthy culture in his role as Events Coordinator for the JiuJitsu Federation of Australia. He is also committed to developing leaders of tomorrow through coaching kids jiujitsu. Thom joined the party 5 years ago. He became increasingly disillusioned with the two party dominance in our democracy. Thom searched for an alternative party more reflective of his own values and beliefs. He encourages all Australians to do the same.


Joseph Costello

Junee, NSW


Joe grew up in Sydney until 1988 when he married Alison.  They have raised 3 children and have lived on the South Coast and rural Newcastle. They finally moved to Junee in 2014 for work. Joe has been in the rail industry since 1986. The first 20 years as a train driver then in 2007 transitioning into train control. When not doing their family tree, he is the group leader with Junee Scout Group. Joe enjoys bushwalking and camping. After becoming disillusioned with both major parties and their neglect when it comes to the exploitation of our finite natural resources it was time to make a stand and join Sustainable Australia.  


Richard Moran

Caringbah, NSW


Richard and his wife Shirley have lived 39 years in the Sutherland Shire to which Richard was drawn by its beautiful bushland and particularly the magnificent Sydney Redgums. He looks after 3 gardens where he has made extensive use of local indigenous plants.  He is a firm believer in biodiversity and supporting local flora and fauna. Richard has been greatly concerned by the rapid rise in property prices which has driven overdevelopment in the Shire. The major contributor has been excessive population growth. He is a firm believer that as a consumer society with one of the highest rates of per capita pollution Australia needs to maintain a sustainable level of population. He is particularly angered by the Greens who ride the environmental bandwagon but ignore the impact of population increase.

Richard is now retired but had a successful career in finance and administration and in his later employment worked for the National Parks and Office of Environment & Heritage making considerable savings for those bodies in indirect taxes. His wife Shirley who came from Malaysia 50 years ago has recently retired as a Nurse at Sutherland Hospital where her work in Intensive Care was most highly regarded.


Steve Molloy

St Ives, NSW

Steve was born and raised in Sydney. He attended Barker College in Hornsby and University of Sydney. Steve has travelled all over Europe, America, and Asia. He then found his real passion, running businesses and being a role model for young aspiring entrepreneurs. He has strong interpersonal and public communication skills and published the book "How Apps are Changing the World".

Steve represented Australia for 'Creative AllStars' in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, speaking to the audience of 1000 people about innovation and business. He has spoken at UNSW, UTS, USYD, Macquarie University and various marketing conferences. During his career, Steve has consulted with large corporations and small start-ups and everyone in-between. He commits 100% and works extremely hard with focus to make sure everything is done to the best of his ability and help grow the team to new heights.


Judy Singer

Ettalong, NSW


Judy is a director of her family owned and operated small business where she began working as a shop assistant after leaving school at age 15. After 30 years in business Judy has gained a wealth of practical  business management expertise and life experience. In recent years Judy has chosen to work part time so she can spend more time being a great mum to her two young children and an equally great and supportive wife to her husband Nick, who, like thousands of Central Coast residents, commutes to Sydney for work. In her spare time Judy enjoys family activities, getting involved in her local community and loves volunteering at her children’s school.


Elissa Carrey

Glenorie, NSW

Elissa grew up and has spent most of her life in the north west of Sydney. She has had the privilege of growing up in a leafy semi-rural location. She is passionate about social fabric, cohesion and welfare of Australia along with the environment and social justice.

Elissa completed a Bachelor of Nursing in 2007. She has since been working as a registered nurse in operating theatres. She is married with one young son. Her main hobbies include bush walking, reading and gardening.

Elissa is concerned with the current over development occurring across Australia and the unsustainable population growth. She is also concerned with the environmental degradation and social inequities that result from an economic model underpinned by endless growth.


Justin Thomas

Berowra, NSW

Justin has lived on the North Shore for many years and now resides in Berowra with his partner and two young children. After completing high school at Kincumber High School, he went on to complete a Bachelor of Commerce at Newcastle University.

Like many others, he began commuting from the Central Coast to Sydney to work in Corporate Accounting and Business Administration, completing professional studies and qualification along the way before relocating. In his spare time, Justin has long time participant and follower of local rugby union, reading non-fiction books (political economy, history, etc), and spending time with his family.

Justin has a strong desire for better focussed public policy. He believes that focus on population growth by all three major parties is detracting from Public Services and other economic opportunities and imperatives. As a parent of two small children, one of whom is autistic, Justin has a particular interest in educational resources and facilities to allow people to achieve their potential.


John Gill

Avondale, NSW


John was born in Wollongong and has lived in the area all his life. He attended Lakelands PS and Dapto High, then Studied Electrical Engineering at North Wollongong TAFE.

John worked in the Port Kembla Steelworks for many years as an Electrical Supervisor then a Production Systems Controller. While there, he gained a Masters in Engineering at University of Wollongong in 2001. On taking voluntary redundancy in 2012, John attained a Diploma of Finance, currently running his own Mortgage Broking business.

John is passionate about the environment and often leads bushwalking and camping trips in the local area and beyond.


Anne Whatman

Willow Vale, NSW


Anne had a carefree childhood spent outdoors, where the only strict rule was to be home in time for tea! Her parents instilled in her a love of the natural environment with bush picnics, walks through rainforests and days swimming at the beach.

 Anne started a degree in Environmental Science, studying pollution biology with the late Prof. Peter Cullen, & influential books such as Paul Ehrlich's “Population, Resources, Environments: Issues in Human Ecology”. An urgent need for a job and a traineeship in Nuclear Medicine, meant a change to studying radiochemistry and a 20yr career as a Scientific Officer in a radiopharmacy Laboratory. Later Anne traveled around Australia, as the project manager of a scientific team with the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator, tasked with regulating gene technology research in a wide range of scientific institutions. Subsequently Anne completed a Post Grad. Dip. in Clinical Trial Management and managed Oncology Clinical Trials research for over 10 years in both private and public hospitals.

Anne’s family moved to the Illawarra, 25 yrs ago, ending up in gorgeous Gerringong. The beauty of the area, never ceases to take Anne’s breath away!  Belying the rich beauty is:- the stark reality of dairy farmers struggling to make a decent living, due to the loss of  fair milk pricing structures; the overdevelopment of the South Coast, without sufficient rail infrastructure and services; highways crowded with the dangerous mix of  large trucks and cars; the reckless loss of both prime agricultural land, and native bushland for yet more residential housing. An endless demand pushed by our Government’s ad hoc mass immigration policies.

Anne feels that only Sustainable Australia has thought through what overpopulating Australia will be like. We have recently witnessed the results of the competition for water on the Murray Darling river! She cares deeply about Australia and the future quality of life for our children and grandchildren and that is why she supports the policies of the Sustainable Australia Party for a better future for all.


Mark Ferris

Wahroonga, NSW

Mark is national coordinator of Sustainable Australia.

Mark has lived in Ku-ring-gai for many years. During his early childhood he lived in South Turramurra before he moved to Gloucester NSW. Mark returned to the area in 2011 and completed a diploma of Screen and Media at TAFE. Mark has worked in the film industry on a variety of productions from short films through to Hollywood-backed feature films. Since then, Mark started his own business providing media content services for a variety of businesses and organisations. More recently Mark has completed a Bachelor of Arts - Psychology at Macquarie University. In his spare time Mark enjoys running, camping and traveling.

Mark has a passion for politics and believes the current addiction to growth by all three major parties is not in the interest of Australia. He believes that this is threatening to turn the leafy greens streets of Ku-Ring-Gai into higher density housing, destroying the amenity, heritage and environment of the area.

Listen to Mark here.

Lake Macquarie

Marie Rolfe

Toronto, NSW


Marie Rolfe is a Lake Macquarie local and lives in Toronto. She has a strong background in finance having worked as a financial controller and manager. Marie believes we need a more diverse economy, not one built on property speculation. She used to volunteer for meals on wheels.

Lane Cove

Murray Fleming

Ryde, NSW

Whilst living in the Lane Cove electorate for some 20 years, Murray has ties to rural Australia with his grandfather starting the family in farming post his retirement. Murray’s grandfather was an early adopter of Yeoman's key-line farming - a system to help prevent run off and retain rain water. It's from his grandfather that Murray believes his Sustainable DNA was derived. Murray's dad, uncle, aunty & cousin carry on the family's farming tradition to this day with Murray planning to follow in his retirement. 

Prior to starting his own business four and a half years ago, Murray worked across many industry sectors from real estate to womens makeup. Murray’s previous roles spanned management, sales, direct marketing, business development and operations. His two greatest professional achievements to date are navigating his own business through its first four years of trading and being the Operations Manager for Australia’s 2012 fastest growing company.

Although a passionate businessman his greatest life achievement is his family; wife Tina, daughter Florence & dogs Pepper & Teddy. Always looking forward, Murray’s key reasons to joining Sustainable Australia are his family, their future generations & to better honour those who came before us.


David Taylor

North Arm, NSW


David Taylor was born in Brisbane and joined the Royal Australian Air Force when he turned 17. After a varied 21-year career as a Radio Technician, Chinese Linguist and Intelligence Officer during which he completed an Information Technology degree part time, he re-joined civilian life and established a computer shop in Brisbane. After selling the business three years later, he joined an industry consulting firm, eventually becoming General Manager and guiding the company through a successful merger before leaving in 2011.

Always interested in small towns, architecture and history, he drove USA’s Route 66 in 2009. Inspired by this experience and the many similarities between Route 66 and Australia’s iconic Highway One, he published the Highway One Travel Companion guide book in 2012. Now retired from full-time work, he lives just outside Murwillumbah in the Lismore state electorate.


David Bowen

Cambridge Gardens, NSW


David has been a resident in the Penrith district all of his life. He has a degree in Horticultural Science and has TAFE qualifications in Conservation and Land Management and Training and Assessment.  He runs his own garden maintenance business and is a correspondent horticultural teacher for distance education. He volunteers as a bush regenerator for Penrith Council. 

David is passionate about conserving what is left of western Sydney’s environment and was an active member of the Western Sydney Conservation Alliance and has co-authored a book about local flora. He believes that current population policies by both major parties are unsustainable and short sighted. 

David has been active in campaigns to protect the ADI site, Penrith Lakes and more recently the grove of mature, remnant cabbage gum trees on Mulgoa Rd, Penrith from over-development and destruction. 



Sam Ferguson

Toronto, NSW


Sam grew up in the Hunter Valley of NSW and has a great appreciation of the history and environment of the region. Having attended school and later lived in the electorate of Maitland, he has a good familiarity with the challenges facing the region including poorly planned development, inadequate infrastructure and worsening air quality. Completing a bachelor of Environmental Science from Macquarie university in Sydney 2010, Sam witnessed the effects of high migration rates on housing, transport and the environment.

Having worked as a contractor to various state government agencies and witnessed the impacts of frequent political interventions, Sam believes we should put national interest before those of political parties.  Reduced access to education for our citizens has led to government agencies employing foreign nationals in positions with access to sensitive data.

Leaving the country for 3 years to work as an English teacher in northern Spain, Sam met his wife and applied for a partner visa so she could come to Australia with their daughter.  Now living in Toronto, Sam and his family enjoy the relaxed pace of life in the hunter region, but like others, struggle with over-crowded roads, hospitals and public services. Working as an Environmental Scientist and a volunteer with the RFS, Sam often spends time with friends and family in the district of Maitland.


Emanuele Paletto

Manly, NSW

Emanuele works in the not for profit sector and has a commercial background in financial services. He created enterprises in sustainable technologies and investment, in financial services recruitment and most recently in property maintenance.

He is passionate about the Party’s values and sees population as the "mother of all our problems". He sees a myriad of opportunities for improving life quality from better planning and a diverse, future-oriented economy.

He has lived on Sydney's northern beaches for most of his life, as well as in more densely populated Asian countries e.g. China, Indonesia, Japan and Taiwan. He has an MBA as well as an Economics degree.


Petra Campbell

Kingsford, NSW

Petra has a Master of Environmental Management, Master of Science and Technology, Master of Arts in Development Studies and is currently completing an MBA. She has travelled extensively around the world as a photographer, journalist, and media producer, for Australian and international TV, radio, and print media. She has also founded and run programs in international development aid for over 20 years in India, the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific, as well as running her own communications business. Petra grew up surrounded by superlative nature in the Blue Mountains.

It is the combination of witnessing the demise of nature and the quality of life of so much of the world during her global travels, and a childhood couched in natural beauty, that brought Petra to the global movement for ecologically sustainable development in the 1980s. Petra joined Sustainable Australia because, like its founder and its members, she wants to ensure we pass an ecologically intact country, and a viable planet, onto our children and grandchildren. Petra feels that only Sustainable Australia has thought through what a Sustainable Australia would look like and has translated that into policy.


Nick Hughes

Oyster Bay, NSW


Nick was born in the UK and migrated to Australia 12 years ago where he now lives in Sydney with his family. He has a successful career in technology for more than 20 years including running a successful business of his own and now leads the NSW branch of a national technology company. His love of the outdoors, camping and sailing has fostered a passion for the preserving the environment, with a desire to ensure that future generations have the opportunities to experience the natural beauty of Australia.

Nick believes in a diverse and contemporary Australia characterised by tolerance and equality. He is concerned by the failure of the main political parties to rise to the challenges of manageable population growth, investment in infrastructure and affordable housing. He has a strong desire to promote open, rationale debate within politics in order to meet the challenges facing current and future generations of Australians.


Jessie Bijok

Austral, NSW


Born in Broken Hill, Jessie has spent most of her life living in the south west of Sydney where her father ran a small selection growing market vegetables and rearing small numbers of cattle.

Jessie held a degree in business where she spent her working years in manufacturing based industries.

Jessie has grave concerns over the current state of governance in NSW but especially in the areas around south west Sydney where overdevelopment and overpopulation is seriously impacting the environment and green space that she loved so much.

It is time for a change to sustainable governance and a move back to sensible planning and controls.


Carl Kendall

Griffith, NSW


Carl has been concerned about overpopulation and how it may threaten the planet since speaking about the topic in the mid-90s, for an issues presentation in the third year of his science degree.  His audience agreed with points raised, yet it is a subject he never heard discussed in mainstream media until Dick Smith recently shared the same concerns.

Carl has continued to worry about the steady global decline of the environment, quality of life and society in general due to overpopulation.  He doesn't want overdevelopment to deprive his own kids of space to kick a footy in the backyard or enjoy ample bushland as he did in his own youth.

Carl has worked in scientific research, project management, health promotion, HR, farming and hospitality.  In his spare time Carl enjoys hiking, fiction writing, travel, gardening, food, wine and has a keen interest in sustainable home and landscape design. Concerns in his own electorate include water quality and the prevalence of chronic diseases such as motor neurone and cancer.

Myall Lakes

Quentin Bye

Smiths Lake, NSW


Quentin grew up in Carrington, Port Stephens on the undeveloped northern shore. This bushland childhood fostered a deep connection to the land. After leaving high school he traveled extensively whilst working a variety of jobs before becoming a carpenter and later a builder. In the past he has lived in Western Australia, Tasmania, Hawaii and Fiji. 

Quentin joined Sustainable Australia because he is believes that the current political trajectory of Australia is both short sighted and unsustainable and he would like to help set a more sustainable course. In his leisure time Quentin enjoys surfing, bushwalking, riding trail bikes and writing.


Beverley Jelfs

Fishermans Bay, NSW


Beverley Jelfs is a retired business owner and administration manager.  Moving from Epping in Sydney, after 35 years, she has now settled permanently in beautiful Port Stephens. One significant reason for leaving Sydney was the scandalous over-development of the suburbs; construction without any infrastructure planning such as 45 storey apartment blocks in the midst of suburban houses and shops. As such, a focus for Bev is for better planning to stop overdevelopment of our beautiful Australian suburbs. Bev believes a reduction in population growth is necessary to relieve the overdevelopment and destruction of our suburbs - infrastructure before housing development!


Hugh Watson

Newtown, NSW


Hugh would like to see evidence-based, long-term planning replace decision making driven by sectional interests. This is why he supports Sustainable Australia, the only political party with a vision for Australia grounded in environmental, economic and social sustainability.

As a former finance, property and administration officer in the NSW Public Service, Hugh has worked across a range of portfolios, including education, consumer affairs and regional development. He is a professional actor and shares his love of films as a presenter with U3A. He also provides a JP service for the Inner West Council.

National parks and urban green spaces are important to Hugh and he would like to see every street in every town and city in Australia, lined with trees.


North Shore

Victoria Boast

Neutral Bay, NSW

Victoria was born in Colombia and has called Australia home since age 11. She appreciates the opportunity and benefits that having grown up in Australia has brought her.

Victoria has been working in the Financial Services/Superannuation Industry for over 12 years and holds a Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy) from the University of NSW, a Diploma of Superannuation from ASFA and a Diploma of Financial Planning from Monarch Institute. Victoria served in the Army Reserve while she was studying at University. 

In her spare time she is a secretary of Women in Super, a women's industry association and volunteers for the Mother's Day Classic, a community fun run started by Women in Super that is held on Mother's Day to raise funds for breast cancer research.

She has lived on the lower North Shore with her husband since 2009 and appreciates the open space and community atmosphere it offers. 

Victoria joined Sustainable Australia because she believes that sustainability should be at the heart of all government policies and would like future generations to be able to enjoy the same beautiful Australia she has had the opportunity to live in.


Debbie Smythe

Kundabung, NSW

Debbie is Vice President of the NSW branch.

In 2014, Debbie escaped from Sydney, with its development pressures, traffic and infrastructure problems, to a new life on a rural property on the NSW Mid North Coast. She now works part-time in healthcare administration. While in Sydney, she worked in funds management and medical publishing.

Debbie has a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Marketing, and a Graduate Diploma in Urban Estate Management, together which have given her a good understanding of business, economics and the property market. Debbie has also been self employed, and has an understanding of the realities of running a small business.

When not working, Debbie is kept busy on her property. She appreciates its natural environment and abundant wildlife.


Jasmina Moltter



Jasmina has lived in Australia since 1988. She is a Civil engineer and Project Manager with over 30 years of experience. She has worked in both the public and private sector on a wide range of projects. As further professional development, Jasmina completed a Masters of Business Administration and Master of Engineering Management at University of Technology Sydney.  Apart from her work, Jasmina also loves arts and music and has studied History of Arts. Jasmina and her partner have two adult children. Her family have lived in Sydney's north west since 1991 and is strongly connected to her community.


Geoff Brown

Cranebrook, NSW

Former president of the Western Sydney Conservation Alliance

Geoff has lived in Penrith for most of his life. He has led campaigns against inappropriate developments in western Sydney impacting on quality of life and the environment. Geoff was the convenor of the ADI Residents Action Group and then the president of the Western Sydney Conservation Alliance. He developed the concept for the Cumberland Conservation Corridor and successfully lobbied the Federal Government which over several elections has committed $37.5 million to its creation. He also led the campaign to stop the development of the former Air Services Australia site at Cranebrook which is now the Wianamatta Nature Reserve, Sydney's newest Nature Reserve.

Through his involvement in community issues Geoff has developed a great understanding of the political process and has run in local, state and federal elections as an independent candidate. Geoff also worked for many years in the community services sector including as a Student Welfare Officer at Western Sydney University. His other volunteer roles include starting and running the Werrington Community Festival for several years and organising and supervising at local bush care events.


Dr Suzanne Daly

Newport, NSW

Suzanne was raised in the western suburbs of Sydney alongside the Hume Highway when it was a two lane country road surrounded by trees, nature and houses with great backyards. Suzanne received one of the first Whitlam scholarships that enabled her to finish high school with a Commonwealth scholarship. She was able to study medicine at the University of NSW. In 1975 Suzanne and her husband traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia. She was shocked by the density, overcrowding, traffic congestion, pollution and the destruction of nature in the emerging, modern high rise cities back then. lt was a relief for her to be able to come back to Sydney in 1976.

Upon her return she became a GP and loved it. She has now been a family doctor on the Northern Beaches for nearly 40 years. Suzanne was a member of the board of the Manly Warringah Division of GP's for 17 years, until it was amalgamated with the Northern Sydney Network. Suzanne was the driving force behind the implementation of some innovative ideas with the community and the Department of Health. She has trained in counseling and has a Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis. Suzanne believes in positive psychology and being proactive. She was attracted to Sustainable Australia Party which has positive solutions to what seem like unsolvable problems that are causing widespread stress and distress. The Pittwater electorate has lost its local hospital, its local council and its democracy. Suzanne wants to give the people in her community that are disillusioned with the established political parties another option.

Port Macquarie

Jan Burgess



Jan grew up in the UK and moved to Perth, Western Australia in the early 1970s, where she attended University studying Physics, but was attracted into computing and never looked back.   She worked for various IT companies over the next 40 years, mainly in Perth, but including time in Northern Queensland and Melbourne, finally discovering and falling in love with Port Macquarie in 2006.  She and her partner have built a house in Lake Cathie.

Now retired, Jan spends her time trying to keep her brain active and sizzling sausages with her local Lions Club.  She and her partner enjoy birdwatching, sailing their small boat (Penny Farthing) and touring in their caravan, as well as trying to keep the garden under control.

 With retirement comes more time to be interested in politics, and Jan has become steadily more disillusioned with the major parties over the years.  While at university in the 70s, she and her friends spent many nights passionately discussing the environment and ZPG (zero population growth), and it seems that nothing has been achieved since then except more people, more development, more extreme political positions and less bipartisanship.  She has volunteered to help several minor parties in the past, and joined Sustainable Australia for its centrist position and common-sense policies.  She hopes to help the party make a real change to the NSW political landscape.

Port Stephens

Bradley Jelfs


 Brad Jelfs is a retired business owner and technical consultant.  Moving from Epping in Sydney, after 35 years, he has now settled permanently in beautiful Port Stephens. Brad believes in Sustainable Australia's clear focus on a more diverse economy, job security, affordable housing and a sustainable population.

Globally, it is normal now for the traditional parties to govern as a minority along with Independent parties.  Brad believes this is a very positive outcome that will ensure real policies will get adopted rather than fanciful, on trend, news-driven political agendas of Labor, Liberals and Greens. He believes that standing as an SA candidate reinforces the fact that a vote for an independent political party is the smart choice for these upcoming elections.


Mark Larsen


Mark has lived and worked in and around Ryde, on and off, for over 25 years, as have members of his family. He attended Macquarie University and is a father, an engineer and chiropractor. He believes passionately in environmental, social and economic sustainability and that sustainability needs to be addressed on a global, national and local scale.

Mark is a strong supporter of a diverse Australia and believes that this must include a more diverse economy. The Labour and Liberal reliance on turbo charged population growth leads to over development and an unbalanced economy. Not to mention that aiming for infinite growth in a finite world is unsustainable. Mark believes we must have a more sensible and realistic growth plan for Ryde and will work with Sustainable Australia to deliver that.

Seven Hills

Eric Claus

Kings Langley, NSW

Eric has over 30 years in civil and environmental engineering including water quality, hydrology, erosion and sedimentation control, and environmental training. Eric has worked for Civil Engineering consultants in California, taught at the University of New South Wales and worked at an environmental consultancy in Sydney for 9 years before starting his own business. Born in the USA, Eric came to Australia in January 1983 to play basketball in the National Basketball League with the Bankstown Bruins and is now an Australian citizen.


Ken Davis


Ken has lived in the Illawarra since 1985 and seen the impact of population pressures on our local environment, housing costs, utility prices and quality of life. As a counsellor, he sees the impact of falling GDP per capita on the mental health and well-being of all Australians, particularly the disadvantaged.

As a musician Ken wants to see the arts valued and supported. As a surfer he wants his grandchildren to enjoy unspoilt waters and scenic vistas. As a human, he wants his fellow Australians to have safe, affordable housing and access to meaningful work and a living wage. That’s true sustainability.

Summer Hill

Dale Sinden



Dale has spent his working life as a communicator in the entertainment industry as a marketing manager, publicist and talk-back host. Dale is currently the Executive Producer for McLaren Overnight at Radio 2GB having previously worked producing Clive Robertson & Mike Jeffreys at sister station Radio 2UE.

His time in media has connected him with politicians from every party… but he’s found none more influencing than such national treasures of common sense the likes of Dick Smith, Kelvin Thomson & Sustainable Australia’s recently elected member of the Victorian Legislative Council Clifford Hayes.

Sustainable Australia’s views & values including their stance on reducing Australia’s high migration & migrant worker programmes impressed him enough to see him join the party. A keen bushwalker, for the last 8 years Dale has also been a volunteer with St Vincent de Paul feeding the disadvantaged of Sydney and a passionate blood donor for most of his life.


Christopher Thomas

Surry Hills, NSW

Christopher has experience in volunteer work and political campaigning. His formal education includes natural resources, economics and politics. Christopher will work tenaciously to protect nature and our finite natural resource base. Christopher believes mankind is in dire straits and now is not the time for growth, war and other distractions.


Wayne Rigg

Kincumber, NSW

Wayne was born in Sydney, growing up in the western suburbs. He attended the University of NSW, attaining a Science Education degree, then taught for a while before studying and practising Chinese medicine and Reiki. He moved with his family to Canberra in 1998 for 14 years, taking up Science and Maths teaching again, before moving to the Central Coast in 2012. Before moving he established a successful home tutoring business in Canberra which is now run from his new home. 

Wayne has always had a keen interest and appreciation of the environment and nature generally. Once a keen surfer, he is now more of a beach goer, gardener and bush walker! Since the 70s Wayne has been very aware of the challenges facing our environment and also the pressures which tend to degrade our quality of life, even though there are a range of alternative options which would also deliver economic prosperity while maintaining sustainable jobs, and an environment that supports people as well as our fauna and flora. He firmly believes we have a choice, that it is a myth that more is necessarily better, and there are ways of achieving prosperity, healthy human centred development, as well as a sustainable Australia.

The Entrance

Margaret Jones 

Berkeley Vale, NSW

Margaret Jones moved to the Central Coast in 2004. She retired from Nursing in 2014; she was qualified in General and Obstetric Nursing, held a Diploma in Nursing Education and a Master of Bioethics (UTS). She was one of a small group of Australian Museum Society members who produced and presented "Talking Science" on community radio from 1993 - 2003. Margaret has lived and worked in country, city and remote areas. Much of her childhood was lived in a remote area where she did school by correspondence. Droughts, floods and bushfires were part of life and supplies were obtained via a monthly visit to town. Thus the seeds of self-sufficiency and sustainability were planted and further developed in her formative years as a nurse.

The rapid increase in population and development that has occurred in her 13 years on the Coast is deeply disturbing to her.
The necessary infrastructure for existing houses does not exist! There are very few footpaths, drainage is poor, and roads are cracked and patched. Travelling time is longer because of the increase in traffic. Shops are crowded and there is difficulty parking almost everywhere on the Coast. These factors have a negative effect on the quality of life and residents need to have more say in local decision-making. Margaret believes that we should improve the quality of our infrastructure, our resources and heritage, well before any consideration of growing bigger.


Ronald McDonald

Banora Point, NSW

Ron was born and raised in South Australia, moving to Banora Point New South Wales upon retirement 6 years ago. He has been married to wife Elizabeth for 50 years. Together they have 3 children and 3 grand children. Ron started his apprenticeship with PMG as a technician in 1962. From there, Ron worked for Telstra and during this time lived and worked all over Australia. He served as a director on the board of Australian Central Credit Union, now Peoples Choice Credit Union, for 10 years. Ron is a life member of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia. He still competes in club, state and national rifle matches to this day.

Upper Hunter

Calum Blair



Calum was born in Singleton and grew up on the water supply for the shire, Lake St Claire. He spent a lot of his childhood on the lake and surrounding foreshores as well as the neighboring Mt Royal National Park. Educated through the local public school system, Calum spent only a brief time living outside of the Upper Hunter. He worked in the local coal mining industry for several years before formalising his education at the University of Newcastle, studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil).

Calum is a former Army Reserve and has a great passion for mentoring and tutoring HSC mathematics for local students. Calum currently works in the rail industry as a Project Engineer focused on track construction, maintenance, and repair. Calum supports infrastructure construction with sustainable use of water in construction and industry. He is passionate about education and sees huge room for improvement for NSW curriculum, and education as a whole. Calum believes having a transparent and accountable government is of vital importance.


Kay Dunne

Bondi, NSW

Kay stood as the Sustainable Australia candidate in the 2018 Wentworth by-election.

Kay is a Bondi resident with a commitment to both the natural and built environments of Wentworth. With a broad education, covering science, social sciences, humanities and creative arts, and a varied work background, she is well placed to relate to our diverse community.

After working as a professional actor in her early years, she took up a role in the NSW public service in human resources, later moving into senior roles in corporate policy and strategy. Kay has also worked as a scientific officer in the public hospital system, and a high school teacher. More recently, she has been writing fiction. Kay is also active in Toastmasters International.

As a carer for an older relative, Kay has a particular interest in the quality of the services available to seniors. She supports positive ageing and wants to see opportunities for work and valued contributions continue throughout everyone's entire life.

Watch Kay here.


Greg Mawson


Greg has lived on the Northern Beaches of Sydney for the last 35 years.  Passionate about political integrity and democratic values he believes that politicians should listen more to the local community.

He is particularly concerned about the impact excessive population growth has had on the local area and Australia in general.  Overdevelopment causing overcrowding and excessive strain on public services and infrastructure needs urgent attention and political change.

Running as a candidate in Wakehurst gives local constituents the opportunity to send a clear message to government, “We want to be heard and we want our political representatives to act in our best interest”.


Greg Graham

Artarmon, NSW

Greg has been a member of Sustainable Australia since 2010

Greg’s background is in information technology, initially the essential mail sector but in recent decades as a self-employed computer technician. He has an Associate Diploma of Business – Microcomputer Systems.

Greg enjoys sailing, white sandy beaches, bushwalking, good books and movies, local and international travel, Australian and international politics, news and current affairs.

Having grown up in Papua New Guinea Greg looks on aghast at the devastation wreaked on it and neighbouring islands and Australia from overdevelopment and excessive population growth. He is dedicated to doing everything he can to ensure we pass on an Australia to future generations that is friendly, prosperous, clean and ecologically diverse.


Andrew Anthony

Figtree, NSW

Born and raised in Wollongong, Andrew has been a passionate campaigner for the environment and social justice in the community. He served as a Councillor at Wollongong City Council and was an avid supporter of council's Bushcare and Environmental Sustainability projects. During his term on council, Andrew blew the whistle on dodgy council planning processes and helped expose cosy relationships between developers, councillors and planning staff. He has publicly called for a ban on political donations to reduce the risk of corruption and undue influence on politicians.

Andrew hopes to continue the fight for sensible sustainable planning in Wollongong and wants to safeguard the Illawarra escarpment and foreshore from overdevelopment. On a global scale, Andrew sees land clearing, deforestation and climate change as major challenges. He supports the uptake of renewable energy and teaching people about sustainable living to ensure future generations will be able appreciate the world in the same way we do. Andrew currently works as an Information Communications Technology Consultant. He enjoys bushwalking, cycling, photography, electronics, classical music and watching TV Sci-Fi.

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