2021 North Sydney Council election

Sustainable Australia Party is an independent community movement from the political centre, with a positive plan for an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable Australia. SAP supports a science and evidence-based approach to policy - not a left or right wing ideology.

Importantly, SAP advocates for more trustworthy and transparent governance through greater community consultation, including via community-initiated citizen juries and plebiscites/referenda (polls) on key issues.

SAP is campaigning to:

  • Protect our environment
  • Stop overdevelopment
  • Stop corruption

There's also much more in our broad policy platform.

William Bourke for North Sydney Council

St Leonards Ward

William is the founder and president of Sustainable Australia Party, which is based in Crows Nest.

William has lived in the North Sydney area for around 20 years, including Wollstonecraft and North Sydney. He enjoys nature, bushwalking, beaches, running and travelling. He grew up on the urban fringe with bushland as his extended backyard and weekend recreation. He wants to ensure that we fulfil our primary moral responsibility to pass on an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable Australia to our children and grandchildren.

Georgia Lamb for North Sydney Council

Cammeraygal Ward

Georgia appreciates that North Sydney’s urban environment is full of natural beauty and scenery. If elected, she will fight to protect this because she values sustainability, environmental protection and equality. Justice for all, including the environment is part of who she is, and she will implement this core value into the future management of our community.

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Campaign issues and policies

In the 2021 North Sydney Council election, William Bourke and all Sustainable Australia Party candidates are campaigning to protect our environment, stop overdevelopment and stop corruption:

Protect our environment and green spaces

  • Preserve and enhance our beautiful outdoor spaces including our parks, bushland and harbour areas.
  • Take real action on climate change at a local level, including stronger laws to prevent inappropriate land and tree-clearing.
  • Adopt a biodiversity and native species program including land and marine animal habitat protection.
  • Aim for a zero waste outcome by reducing then eliminating local waste production and increasing recycling and repair capabilities, including through the establishment of a local repair cafe in North Sydney (e.g. at the currently unused Waverton Bowling Club).
  • Support sustainable transport initiatives including:
    • Rail line solutions (e.g. Metro) from North Sydney to both the Northern beaches and South side of the Harbour, instead of the congestion-inducing Western Harbour Tunnel & Beaches Link underground motorways. This would ease congestion and improve local travel times, as well as avoid toxic, polluting smoke-stacks and associated smog.
    • Better and safer bicycle networks including a fully connected network throughout the NSC area and an efficient Sydney Harbour Bridge bike ramp design following a proper community consultation process.
    • Better and safer pedestrian infrastructure, including more access to harbourside areas and lighting in parks, lanes and other walkways.

Stop overdevelopment

  • Return real planning power to local communities through proper engagement, including through local community-driven citizen juries - rather than state government property industry appointees on so-called 'independent planning panels' - to make recommendations on the following developments such as St Leonards Station area, Crows Nest Metro Station, Neutral Bay and Kurraba Point.
  • Reject the State Government's proposed North Sydney Council housing growth targets and determine new targets following a full audit of local infrastructure capacity and proper community consultation.
  • Deliver new community infrastructure before more housing density is approved (including new schools, hospitals, public transport, roads, recreational and sporting facilities, green space, etc).
  • Ensure that planning and zoning changes protect North Sydney's environment, heritage and local liveability (e.g. access to direct sunlight, scenic views and open space)

Stop corruption and increase transparency

  • Adopt more transparent reporting of political lobbying and all financial contributions, including the requirement for all North Sydney Councillors to declare any non-personal time they spend with registered lobbyists and property developers.
  • Campaign to ban all property developer donations and contributions to political parties and all candidates - including at federal level, which is often used to support state or local government candidates.
  • Require political parties to run their endorsed candidates under the party name in local council elections, rather than supporting them as so-called 'independents'.

And much more. including:


Reject the 7 per cent per annum (> 40 per cent over five years) rate rise over the next five years.

Cultural and community engagement

Further develop community engagement within the North Sydney Council area, including online and physical spaces for socialising, hobby activities, gaming and competition, and council-organised arts and cultural events.

Digital industry and innovation

Further develop digital industry and innovation within the North Sydney Council area to bring more entrepreneurial businesses.

SAP's state and federal policy platform can be found here:


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Voting centre

Important: SAP volunteer and voting centre behaviour guidelines HERE

Early Voting Centres / Election day Voting Centres

Early voting:  Mon 22 Nov - Fri 3 Dec (excluding Sun 28 Nov), 9AM - 5PM

- Hutley Hall, North Sydney Council Chambers, 200 Miller Street, North Sydney NSW 2060

- Neutral Bay Pre-Poll, Shop 1-2, 138 Military Rd, Neutral Bay NSW 2060

Polling day: 4 December, 8AM - 6PM

North Sydney St Leonards Ward: https://elections.nsw.gov.au/Elections/Find-my-electorate/Councils/North-Sydney/St-Leonards-Ward

North Sydney Cammeraygal Ward: https://elections.nsw.gov.au/Elections/Find-my-electorate/Councils/North-Sydney/Cammeraygal-Ward

Postal Voting: CLICK HERE

How to vote SAP (enrolment, preferences)

How to vote SAP (preferences)

As an independent community party from the political centre, after you Vote 1 for Sustainable Australia Party, we prefer that you decide where to direct your own preferences.

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