MEDIA: The Age - Mission impossible: Andrews' emergency power play looks doomed

The state government's plan to extend its power to make new COVID-19 state of emergency declarations looks doomed as opposition and crossbench MPs accuse Labor of overreach.

Liberals and Nationals are convinced the 12-month timeline for the extension is a "power grab" by the Andrews' government and not based on medical advice.

A lack of support among the crossbenchers and the opposition puts Premier Daniel Andrews under pressure to compromise on the plan, with the government requiring 20 votes in the upper house to pass the legislation.

However there is enough support on the crossbench for three or even six more months of emergency powers to suggest that a compromise deal is possible...

Sustainable Australia MP Clifford Hayes said he, too, thought the 12-month extension was overreach.

“The government needs to go back to the drawing board and completely rethink this legislation," Mr Hayes said.

“The extension of another entire year is a huge overreach.”

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