Media Release | Dick Smith endorses The Sustainables in 2014 WA Senate election

“I recommend you vote for the Sustainable Population Party on April 5”: Dick Smith

Dick Smith, AO has given public backing to the Sustainable Population Party’s ‘real growth’ agenda in Western Australia’s upcoming Senate election. Approaching his 70th birthday on 18 March, Dick Smith, entrepreneur and environmental campaigner said, “Population growth affects everyone and everything.”

Under tri-partisan Liberal, Labor and Greens policies, Australia's population is currently growing by over 1000 people per day, with Western Australia growing by over 1,500 people per week. Australia's population growth rate is nearly double the world average, with WA triple the world average. From a population of 23 million today, Australia is on target for 40 million by 2050 - and rising. Sustainable Population Party says let's slow down and aim to stabilise at around 26 million by 2050. We can also help other nations to do the same by increased foreign aid for female education and voluntary family planning.

Frustrated that no other party is willing to discuss the population issue, Mr Smith has put his name to the minor party’s election campaign, and helped fund a radio campaign to start this week.

Significantly, this is the first time he has publicly endorsed a political party at an election.

“I’m supporting the Sustainable Population Party in the WA Senate election. It’s simple. You can’t grow forever in a finite world. We're already running short of water! If we double the population everyone’s worth half as much. For example, we’d have half as much mineral wealth per person. We need real growth – in quality of life - not population growth. We need a sustainable Australia. I recommend you vote for the Sustainable Population Party on April 5,” said Mr Smith.

Peter Strachan, Senate candidate for the Sustainable Population Party said “We know about congestion on our roads as well as the enormous pressure population growth puts on our health system, schools, public transport, water and the environment.”

“Our quality of life is going downhill. Only the Sustainable Population Party addresses the root cause of our growing problems. WA needs real growth, not population growth. We need growth in quality of life, economic innovation, housing affordability, education, democracy and environmental sustainability, said Mr Strachan.

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  • Susan Bowes
    followed this page 2016-05-31 02:24:25 +1000
  • Ann Burke
    commented 2015-08-10 20:37:27 +1000
    Great comments William Fethers!! And yes, thank you Dick Smith for endorsing the Sustainable Population Party, the only party without their head in the sand as to the obvious need to stabilise our population.
  • William Fethers
    commented 2015-05-22 08:43:52 +1000
    Why hasn’t it ever been suggested that a carbon tax on the pitapata of babies foot prints would be more to the point. Is it true that each person in a developed world adds about 25 tons a year of carbon? The tax should be easy to calculate. Instead of paying people to breed ( baby bonuses) and then forcing the taxpayer to look after them with tax payed child care! Ridiculous. Humanity has reached plague proportions. Why do we continue to try and deal with the results and not the course.
    I wouldn’t have thought it was terrible “humane” to let “mother nature”, with her hobnail boots rid herself of the thorn under her saddle, that is humanity!
    The planet is changing, and not to the advantage of humans, due to a thousand cuts inflicted by humans.
    Its not rocket science to suggest we tackle the course not the effect.
  • Paul McCauley
    commented 2015-04-26 14:37:59 +1000
    2.5 planets needed in under 50 years if consumption and population growth remain at current rate…..its not rocket science.
  • Ben Phillipson
    commented 2015-04-08 10:24:28 +1000
    Why is it that in the business community this person was hailed as a genius, and yet now they shun or ridicule him? I’ll follow you more now with this agenda then ever before.
  • roderick bezer
    commented 2015-03-06 14:40:35 +1100
    Thank you for your support ,Dick
    How do we attract more high profile supporters?
  • Pierre Rousseau
    followed this page 2015-03-02 20:59:59 +1100
  • William Bourke
    commented 2015-02-17 21:47:35 +1100
    Thank you Dick!