Local Branches - SA

Interested to get involved?

First, review the recent comments in your local branch page (if it exists) to see what is happening. If no local branch page exists, make a 'comment' below on this page and ask for one to be created (noting your LGA area).

The main purpose of branches is to create public-facing events, such as stalls at local community markets and festivals, and contest elections. On an existing page, you can create an event via the relevant branch page 'comments' section. 

Branch communications guide

Follow the official branch communications process for events and strategy / messaging here.

Click on the relevant local branch* from the list below:

*Note, we are creating just one SAP local branch for South Australia at this stage, being the South Australia branch. This will act as the de facto local branch for all SA members, pending the success of our 2020 SA membership drive. We will then create local branches by LGA in SA.

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