Leppington 2023 - Sustainable Australia Party

Legislative Assembly (Lower House)

Leppington candidate - Danica Sajn

I have lived most of my life in south-western Sydney after moving here with my family from Blacktown in the 1970s. Up until the year 2000, changes of course came, but were relatively slow. However, now the Macarthur region is straining considerably since the onslaught of ceaseless development has made our region one of the fastest growing regions in Australia. The provision of infrastructure and services such as transport, hospitals and schools, has not however followed. Such incredibly fast population growth is not only a considerable strain on the environment, it also further entrenches the inequality that is to be found in the ‘great Sydney divide’.

Both of my parents were migrants from war-torn Europe arriving in Australia in the late 50s and early 60s. Both mum and dad were from farming families and loved living on 5 acres in Edmondson Park where they skilfully and with much hard work produced much of their own produce for their family.

I studied science and education after attending Casula and Hurlstone Agricultural High Schools. My studies eventually led me to become a local science teacher for many years, though my heart always remained with my first love, environmental biology. I eventually furthered my studies firstly in business and then gained a Master of Environmental Law form the ANU. Currently I run my own small business in Narellan.

Living in this area for as long as my family has makes you very knowledgeable about its needs and aspirations. The changes foisted on us since 2000 have been unprecedented with thousands upon thousands of new housing developments being largely plonked on thousands of acres of freshly cleared farmland and bushland. We are struggling to maintain a sense of community and our services and infrastructure are visibly straining. And yet the current governments have only more such plans for our region – and little else. This is why I believe that Sustainable Australia is the Party of the future and I look forward to solutions which probably only this Party is capable of delivering.

Legislative Council (Upper House)

  • Lead candidate - Councillor William Bourke

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