Law & Order


Better provide for the security of Australia's citizens and community, while maintaining respect for privacy.

Policy Methods (Federal & State)

To help achieve this Sustainable Australia Party will:

  • Better prevent and respond to domestic violence through increased funding for early intervention and education programs, frontline services, emergency accommodation and legal services.
  • Increase police recruitment and resources in order to better protect our communities and properly cater for population growth.
  • Provide appropriate legislative power and resources to detect and prevent terrorist attacks before they occur.
  • Adopt strong counter-radicalisation strategies, to help prevent political and religious extremism.
  • Ensure the reasonable privacy and rights of citizens to freedom of speech, movement, religion, commerce, employment, internet usage and association, and protect ordinary Australians from abuse by governments and businesses:

"Do you ever feel like your phone knows too much? That it’s reading your mind, listening to you? You have just passed by a museum, then soon after, ads for the museum’s new exhibition flash up on your phone. You didn’t search for the museum or talk about it to anyone, you just happened to be nearby...

You are not paranoid or delusional; you are simply witnessing the tip of the iceberg in targeted advertising, a lucrative business built on the use – or misuse – of our minds, time, and data without our consent. Welcome to surveillance-based advertising." Michael West Media

  • Prevent firearm violence, including via best practice firearms registration systems.(1)


  1. SAP has no plans to change gun laws. Relevant legislation would be addressed on its merits if elected, in an evidence-based way after careful stakeholder engagement.

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