KELVIN’S BLOG: Retirement from Clifford Hayes' office

KELVIN’S BLOG: Retirement from Clifford Hayes' office

I am writing to let you know that I will be retiring from the office of Clifford Hayes with effect from next Friday 15 January. I want to make it clear that I have greatly appreciated the opportunity to work for Clifford for the past 2 years. His integrity, good judgment and basic decency has made working for him a privilege and a joy.

If I were 25 rather than 65 I would have no hesitation in continuing through the remaining 2 years of this Parliamentary term and providing as much assistance as I could in our re-election campaign. However time is not on my side, and I have family issues concerning the health of my partner, and my father, as well as travel aspirations which I can’t do justice to, in addition to providing Clifford with the support that his demanding job requires.

I have greatly enjoyed working with you all over the past 2 years. I admire your civic mindedness and unselfish willingness to put the health of your community first, when it is all too easy to succumb to the greed, selfishness, and politics of division which are all around us. I continue to believe in the values of the Sustainable Australia Party. While I have relinquished my roles as Victorian State Director and National Media Spokesperson, I will remain a member of the Party’s National Committee (and continue my blog on the party website).

I am retiring from paid work, but not from life.

My best wishes to you for the future, and I hope that our paths continue to cross from time to time.

The Hon. Kelvin Thomson
National Committee
Sustainable Australia Party