MEDIA: Kelvin Thomson on the latest ABS population figures

Michael McLaren is joined by Kelvin Thomson, former Federal Member for Wills now advisor for Sustainable Australia Party’s Clifford Hayes to discuss the latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that Australia’s population growth treadmill is speeding up.

Listen to the radio interview here.

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  • Hans Rijsdijk
    commented 2019-08-02 13:49:11 +1000
    Let me be straight. I have not heard the interview, but I do have some comments on Australia’s population growth.
    It is high time we have an extensive and informed discussion about population growth. Until now one mainly reads sloganism without much useful information and SustainableAustralia is one of the first one to discuss this without a racist connotation to it.
    There is no doubt and well proven that immigrants increase Australia’s wealth and prosperity. What is much less clear is whether Australia has the necessary infrastructure (power, water, sewage, communication, etc) to cope with large increases. Land is no problem, we have enough of that.
    What, until now, has been missing is any attempt to qualify and quantify what exactly we would need to handle new immigrants.
    The LNP and, I fear, the Labor Party have no idea or indeed inclination how to investigate what technological, scientific and economic tools we have to assess how more immigrants could be accommodated. Let alone to do a useful assessment.
    I would be surprised if we don’t have means to do this. Australia sells itself as the clever country. It is time that we show some of this assumed cleverness to ourselves and the world.
    So, let the debate begin.