Keira 2023 - Sustainable Australia Party

Legislative Assembly (Lower House)

Keira candidate - Andrew Anthony

Born and raised in Wollongong, Andrew is a passionate campaigner for the environment and social justice in the community. He served as a Councillor at Wollongong City Council and was an avid supporter of council's Bushcare and Environmental Sustainability projects. During his term on council, Andrew blew the whistle on dodgy council planning processes and helped expose cosy relationships between developers, councillors and planning staff. He has publicly called for a ban on political donations to reduce the risk of corruption and undue influence on politicians.

Andrew hopes to continue the fight for sensible sustainable planning in Wollongong and wants to safeguard the Illawarra escarpment and foreshore from overdevelopment. On a global scale, Andrew sees land clearing, deforestation and climate change as major challenges. He supports the uptake of renewable energy and teaching people about sustainable living to ensure future generations will be able appreciate the world in the same way we do. Andrew currently works as an Information Communications Technology Consultant. He enjoys bushwalking, cycling, photography, electronics, classical music and watching TV Sci-Fi.

Legislative Council (Upper House)

  • Lead candidate - Councillor William Bourke

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