2020 Groom by-election - 28 November

Sustainable Australia Party 

Sustainable Australia Party is an independent community movement from the political centre, with a positive plan for an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable Australia. We believe in an evidence-based approach to policy - not an extreme left or right ideology.

Sandra Jephcott for Groom

Sandra Jephcott is a veterinarian and farmer and lives on a 4000 hectare property west of Toowoomba near the town of Surat. Toowoomba is Sandra's social, business and healthcare* centre.

Born in PNG, Sandra was educated in Armidale NSW and completed her veterinary degree (BVSc) at University of Queensland, Master of Science (MSc) at James Cook University and MBA at Bond University. Her extensive veterinary work experience includes farming and livestock in PNG, an equine clinic in South Australia, head veterinarian for a pastoral company throughout Queensland and NT, and head veterinarian for a large agricultural company in Russia. She was nominated for Queensland Rural Woman of the Year.

Sandra has a strong volunteering background including involvement with Bush Heritage, Australian Veterinary Association and Agforce.

Sandra believes that the Groom by-election offers voters an opportunity to send a message to the two major parties that we’re not happy with business as usual politics - including rampant overdevelopment and systemic political corruption that negatively impacts on the environment.

* Sandra has suffered several major injuries while working with horses including serious falls resulting in brain injury and partial left-side paralysis with 50% peripheral vision loss

Campaign issues

In Groom, Sandra and Sustainable Australia Party are campaigning to:

Protect our environment

  • Better manage Toowoomba's water security, including through lower wastage
  • Act on climate change
  • Preserve Toowoomba's limited green space [1]

Stop overdevelopment

  • Save Mt Lofty's pristine escarpment from housing development
  • Protect prime agricultural land around Toowoomba from housing sprawl
  • Better planning for Toowoomba's flood and bushfire-prone geography, including proper community consultation, infrastructure provision and lower population growth
  • Support an environmentally appropriate route for inland rail

Stop corruption

  • Establish a federal anti-corruption commission to remove the undue influence of vested interests, including property developers
  • Stop all property developer donations [2]
  • Stop foreign ownership of our farms, housing and land

And much more...

SAP's full policy platform can be found here: 


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As an independent community party, after you Vote 1 for Sustainable Australia Party, we prefer that YOU decide where to direct your own preferences. More here.

REMEMBER: You cannot waste your vote by voting for a minor party! Voting for a minor party is the only way to send a clear message that you are not happy with Lib/Lab! If you vote 1 Sustainable Australia Party and we don't win, your vote flows on at full value to the next party you choose e.g. Lib or Lab at [2] or later.

You need to number every box for your vote to count. Practice voting here.

Voting centre volunteering

Important: SAP volunteer and voting centre behaviour guidelines HERE

Early Voting Centres / Election day Voting Centres

See: 'Voting options' at https://www.aec.gov.au/groom/

Pre-polling - 11 November to 27 November

Polling day - 28 November

[1] Brisbane Times"Despite holding a Carnival of Flowers each year, Toowoomba came in last nationally for its resident's access to green space."

[2] The Conversation: "Both major parties joined forces in federal parliament to weaken political donations laws. This will make it easier for federal politicians to accept secret donations from property developers..."

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  • Jacinta Cox
    commented 2020-11-25 14:41:03 +1100
    Just listened to the podscast from the Toowoomba Business Council – well done Sandy!!
  • Thomas McNamara
    commented 2020-11-17 02:52:48 +1100
    We shall see where this goes a more enviromentally friendly trainslink is a good idea need to protect farming land & farmers.
  • Ian Simons
    commented 2020-11-09 10:48:29 +1100
    1. Suggest u delete statement above “You cannot waste your vote by voting for a minor party!” #2 A facebook page is a good way for u to spread yr message and get valuable feedback from electors. Suggest u open up a dedicated facebook page. I’ll help and fund same. Best wishes, Ian
  • Sustainable Australia Party
    published this page in Elections 2020-11-06 11:20:01 +1100