Sustainable Australia is a community movement from the common-sense political centre advocating for an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable Australia. This includes secure jobs, affordable housing, better planning and a sustainable environment for all Australians.

We are a group of committed Australians from backgrounds in business, science, the environment, health, academia, demography, politics and many other ordinary citizens; from World War 2 Diggers to migrants born on every inhabited continent on Earth.

The party was registered by the Australian Electoral Commission on 23 September 2010 (formerly Sustainable Population Party), to give all Australians a choice on the everything issue – population. We now promote a broad range of policies.

What is a sustainable population?

Sustainability is the potential for long-term (intergenerational) maintenance of wellbeing. Holistic sustainability involves consumption (behaviours), technology and population numbers. This holistic approach ensures that improvements in behaviours and technology are not undermined by population growth, or vice-versa.

See 'Closing the sustainability loop' by party founder William Bourke: CLICK HERE

In terms of numbers, current rapid population growth policies of successive Liberal/National and Labor/Greens federal governments have Australia on track to grow from 19 million people in 2000 to over 40 million by 2050...


It doesn't stop there... It then grows to 80-100 million by 2100!


Here is an excellent short video from Canadians for a Sustainable Society, whose society faces the same extreme population growth challenges we do:

Sustainable Australia advocates for a significant reduction in population growth and a target of around 26-30 million by 2050. We also have a broad range of policies to concurrently address technology and consumption.

Why a 26-30 million population target?

The Australian Academy of Science reported on population sustainability in the 1990s (when our population was 17 million): 

"In our view, the quality of all aspects of our children's lives will be maximised if the population of Australia by the mid-21st Century is kept to the low, stable end of the achievable range, i.e. to approximately 23 million."

We have now rushed past this population level with no long term planning...


Further, according to successive national State of the Environment reports chaired by Professor Ian Lowe (formerly President) of the Australian Conservation Foundation, most of the important environmental indicators in Australia are getting worse, all of which are being further worsened by population growth. Ian Lowe’s recommendation, like Sustainable Australia’s, is to stabilise Australia's population.

Given Australia’s current rapid growth, including a high birth rate and high immigration, 26-30 million is now around the lowest point we can reasonably expect to stabilise within the bounds of sensible and responsible population policies.

Only Sustainable Australia has a comprehensive plan that includes a sustainable population with lower immigration - from the current record high of over 200,000 per year, back to the long term average of 70,000.

Sustainable Australia provides the sustainable choice on population – along with many other economic, environmental and social issues. See our Policies page.


Sustainable Australia is organised on a national basis and registered (as an incorporated association) with the NSW Department of Fair Trading. Our constitution is based on the Department's model constitution.

Each member joins at a national level and is entitled to concurrent membership with one state / territory party (if that party exists), according to their address.

Constitution: CLICK HERE

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