Federal Election 2019 - Kingsford Smith

Kingsford Smith

Petra Campbell

Kingsford, NSW

Petra has a Master of Environmental Management, Master of Science and Technology, Master of Arts in Development Studies and is currently completing an MBA. She has travelled extensively around the world as a photographer, journalist, and media producer, for Australian and international TV, radio, and print media. She has also founded and run programs in international development aid for over 20 years in India, the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific, as well as running her own communications business. Petra grew up surrounded by superlative nature in the Blue Mountains.

It is the combination of witnessing the demise of nature and the quality of life of so much of the world during her global travels, and a childhood couched in natural beauty, that brought Petra to the global movement for ecologically sustainable development in the 1980s. Petra joined Sustainable Australia because, like its founder and its members, she wants to ensure we pass an ecologically intact country, and a viable planet, onto our children and grandchildren. Petra feels thatΒ only Sustainable Australia has thought through what a Sustainable Australia would look like and has translated that into policy.


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